International Guidelines For Problem Solving




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  1. Spot on.

  2. but I’m from america! I can only recognize my own flag, so i don’t get the rest of them!

    • Professional Handshaker August 7, 2015

      ——> No problem (rest of the world doesn’t really care about you)
      And BTW: it’s US, not America. It’s like saying I’m from Asia! I can only recognize my own flag…

    • Bubba and Joe Bob August 7, 2015

      Hey handshaker, even Joe Bob and me know that when someone says America nobody thinks, “Oh, they must be talking about Canada, or Mexico, or Costa Rica.”

    • Here is one for the US people- Mexicans are already Americans!

    • Handshaker and LogiC it’s a technicality.
      People from Canada, Mexico and Costa Rica don’t call themselves Americans, now do they?
      They call themselves Canadians, Mexicans and Costa Ricans.
      The reason 99% of the world (You 2 must be in the other 1%) calls people from here Americans is because we live in the United States of AMERICA

  3. Professional Handshaker August 7, 2015

    Surprisingly accurate.

  4. right. that’s exactly what I believe – don’t mess around asking all those other freaks to get help fast with a problem at hand, come and ask a German like me.

    • German Guy August 7, 2015

      ‘k! How can we fix the problem with the new Berlin Airport?

    • Kinda true. I, for one, am deeply patriotic about American Ingenuity – especially the stuff with its’ groundwork laid in the 1930’s with a heavy German accent (Rocket technology, Nuclear science/medicine, radiography, modern crypto-ciphers, etc etc etc).
      You do good work. You know, except that one thing.
      Alternate comment: I like Solutions 1,2, 3, ….(N-1). The last one was kinda stupid.

  5. Italiano Medio August 7, 2015

    If only it were that easy…

  6. I’m pretty sure that soccer is a problem in Brazil.

  7. Could someone tell me what the symbol for the U.S. is?
    Is it an upside down airplane? Someone swimming?
    I can make out all the others except that.

    • Italiano Medio April 24, 2016

      It’s a General Atomics Predator drone.

    • Rodrigo Neves Dias April 24, 2016

      It’s a drone… On its way to bomb the shit out of someone…

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