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  1. ohh look 2 criminals. and yea only one of them ever became president

    • Head of Department - Project Drumpf October 16, 2016

      You were first, comrade. Well done. I will recommend you to the president for promotion. Some caviar and a big bottle of vodka is waiting for you at home.

    • @head- I think it’s pronounced ‘wodka’.

  2. Just Sayin' October 16, 2016

    I think I bought weed from that guy.

  3. Mr. Truffles October 17, 2016

    Isn’t that Bill Clinton?

  4. Mr. Truffles October 17, 2016

    No, it’s Inspector Frost :P

  5. From what I’ve heard of Hillary, she was incredibly driven very early. Probably the reason Bill became president.
    Now, well, she has her chance but the irony is funny. Trump will be a disaster, ruin the US, cause chaos on a global scale. If the US uses nukes then there is no reason for any other country not to use them, Mexico will not pay for that wall unless the US conquers them and makes them pay, blanket ban on Muslims to the US will cause a blanket ban on Americans in many countries, the list of disasters in endless.
    Yet Hillary will try to push the TPP and if she gets that through it basically ends the sovereignty of every country that signs on, effectively creating a global corporatocracy.
    Not sure which is scarier.

    • Nukes. Nukes are scarier. Corporations can be fought, infiltrated and destroyed. People might resist. Wouldn’t be the first time for business owners and politicians dangling from the factory gates. This time on a global scale. Nukes on the other hand… well, game over.

    • Half time report October 18, 2016

      As of now, Hillary has overthrown more countries than Trump.

  6. TorExitNode40 October 18, 2016

    Arafat won the Nobel prize for… peace. It is only fitting Dylan wins it for literature.

  7. Bubba and Joe Bob October 21, 2016

    Joe Bob here… I was just lookin’ at that pitcher and noticed the “high-water” pants on Slick Willy. Even then he was shoveling it out deep, but it wernt water.

  8. ***** by the grab 'em. November 4, 2016

    Before there was even email to hack.

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