Guy Creates a Typical Springtime Pregnancy Photoshoot Parody




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  1. According to liberals, this is the new normal.

    • Are you serious? It says parody right there in the title. Maybe you should spend less time being offended by posts that are intended to be humorous, and spend more time developing a sense of humour and the social skills to use it.

    • Bubba and Joe Bob April 18, 2017

      Joe Bob here… Whoa there Alfonza, it didn’t look like he was being offended, more like he was making jest at liberals. You be a liberal? Was you offended?

    • Just tired of all this left right crap. One side poking the other while they’re both full of crap. Dude looks like he rides a harley

  2. Turkey Baster April 18, 2017

    Who’s the idjit put a pumpkin up her dress? Mod, you that nip slip through on purpose.

  3. To be honest I’ve been reading the rants you guys have posted in the last year or so and finally felt like saying something. You go back and forth about leftists and rightists and who’s dumber. How many of you go vote every election? I bet you spend more time reading posts and commenting on them than finding out what you can do to fix the broken parts of our world/country. Mock other people and complain about everything, it’s the american way. Man you guys are entertaining. All right that’s it. I shall retreat back to anonymity in the wilderness. I am a bush man, not a liberal. Peace out.

  4. Justin The Smartypants April 21, 2017

    Show us your Foo Foo

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