Practice Makes Perfect

34 thoughts on “Practice Makes Perfect”

  1. Kauf Busch’s learning curve.

  2. Only THE LEFT can be so incompetent, Lolfosor.

  3. Don’t be daft Kauf. The right wing Nazis stole the Hindu symbol of spiritual values (swastika) for their own sick ends. Left wingers had the red flag and/or the red star. If you are going to comment, please check the historical facts first.

  4. From alien to nazi. He remains a weirdo.

  5. Welp… still not Hakenkreuz. That symbol on the right (!) is just plain swastika. Hakenkreuz is flipped vertically. Stay in school and you might not become a right-wing idiot. Amirite, Kauf?

  6. #COTD

  7. @Bauch
    Where are you from? Cause you sure as hell ain’t from US.
    Your sentence structure (syntax) is a little off…

  8. @shakemyhead the NAZI’s were far left. National Socialist Party! You leftist need to own your history and stop making it up as you go along.

  9. Sara Silverman must be mad at her boyfriend

  10. @Shakemyheadatstupidity: Facts?!?!? RW morons have no need for facts. Just look at the reply from Nothingsacred.

  11. That’s her reaction when she’s “slightly unimpressed”, not “mad”. :D

  12. @Nothingsacred
    Today Hakenkreuz is a symbol of far-right. You do know that, don’t you? And who ever sprayed that, wasn’t thinking about 1920’s NSDAP. You do know that too, right? Good.

  13. He didn’t manage to make a Nazi swastika though. The symbol on the right is a sauvastika. Both have been used for several thousand years, mostly in Asia, where the sauvastika is the opposite of the swastika both in appearance (facing left in stead of right) and meaning (sauvastika sunset/night, swastika sunrise/day).
    Nazis never desecrated the sauvastika, only the swastika.

  14. Shaking is an idiot: “Nazi” – the NS part of NSDAP – stands for National Socialist…SOCIALIST, y’know, like Marx, Lenin, Stalin…all those LEFTISTS?!?
    No, no you don’t. The Left is in PERMANENT DENIAL.

  15. AiV, LMAA. m’kay?!

  16. Zelda, if you stop scratching your HIV+ scabs for a moment, you’ll note NothingSacred’s fact is correct. But don’t let that get in the way of your self-loathing and destructive tendencies.

  17. AiV, you’re missing the point: the Leftist idiot who vandalized the car *thought* he was painting a swastika, but didn’t know how to draw it correctly.

  18. Kauf Buch. If you had an iota of intelligence you would be able to argue like an adult and not resort to infantile insults (scratching scabs?? how old are you for goodness sake!) – and as for NothingSacred – if you know anything about the political horseshoe theory you would know that extreme left wing and right wing politics amounts to basically the same thing. They are closer to each other than they are to the political centre. Extremism is bad regardless of what they hide behind.

  19. Siddharta is right!

  20. Nothingsacred, yeah, sure, that’s why they hated the communists so much, because they were some themselves. And the social democrats, whom they, the Nazis, put into concentration camps right after they (the Nazis) came to power. There was nothing leftist about the Nazis.

  21. Kauf Buch, I think you know better. The NSDAP had absolutely nothing to do with Marx, Lenin or other socialists. As for Stalin, well, the NSDAP went even to war with him. And as for all sorts of left-wing (like social democrats, communists) people in Germany, they ended up in concentration camps. It was the German National People’s Party that helped the NSDAP to give Hitler all the power he wanted. Nationalists, like the NSDAP. Other conservative parties like the Zentrumspartei were also very much against the left and blindly agreed with Hitler doing his shit. So, before you or anyone else claims that the Nazis were a left-wing party, better study a bit of German history first.

  22. @anteater National socialist hated the communist because the communist were not and still aren’t nationalist. Communism is an international ideology. The nazi were German first the communist were communism first. But they were both left wing.

  23. @American In Vienna: go check the American Nazi Party and come back here to say whether it is a left or right party. Hint: they are all pro welfare and all those BS + controlled economy, just like the old fashioned nazi one.

  24. So… fascist Texas Tech fans?

  25. The culprit was more likely a right-winged moron and Trump-voter who wanted to “mark” this car in order to scare the owner for racist reasons.

  26. There’s only one word for idiots like this: stencil.

  27. Perfect..not quite. The swastika is still backwards. Who says it a racist?…may just be a dyslexic Navajo graffiti artist.

  28. “…there was nothing leftist about the Nazis”..LMFAO
    Anteater is an idiot

  29. May I remind you, nothingsacred that nationalists are considered right-wing, even if they put some word like ‘social’ into their name in order to portray themselves as something else than the misanthropist they are. Just like one part of Germany called itself “Democratic” whilst it was a totalitarian state. Or some other parties calling themselves ‘Christian’, but none of their actions can be considered as such. Or someone who’s name is Felix who despite this is unhappy.

  30. Yeah, Stew Home, I bet you studied a lot of German history, just like I did. Where did you go to school and university? Germany? If not, then I bet that you have studied a lot less than me about this topic.

  31. Anteater…funny you should ask. I went to better schools than you did I can guarantee that…one is in Princeton the other Cambridge. But that means little. Why don’t you read, “The Devil in History: Communism, Fascism and Some Lessons of the Twentieth Century”, by Vladimir Tismaneanu, or maybe Francois Furet, Ernst Nolte or even Gerhard Besier? Can you read? You sir are a textbook example of how a little knowledge (and I mean a little), a nurtured socialistic ideology, coupled with an image of superiority and limited intellect is destroying Western society. And I don’t care where you grew up. You should have been exposed at birth.

  32. Anteater has such an overly-simplistic view of things. He is to obtuse to realize that polarity on the ideological spectrum does not mean the two are that different. On the contrary, the extremism on both side converge. That is the conundrum of the hatred between the two and subject of copious debate and discussion. But you have to know more than 8th grade social studies to understand and have studied that much. Adios Anteater…go count your toes.

  33. LMFAO

  34. Sieg Fail (you guys are slipping)

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