Power Rangers’ Slogans



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  1. Red power is racist, it refers to indigenous people of North America.
    Blue power violates the rights of sad people.

    • FakeAmerican January 18, 2017

      Kauf Buch is ok with White Power.

    • Hey Fakey, why are you such a racist white-hater?
      Oh wait. You’re a brain-dead Leftist.
      That says it all.
      But you’re for “tolerance.” (/s)

    • The Good German January 19, 2017

      As the ultra right wing in is associated with a nice brown poop color in Germany, I can tell you: There can be no tolerance for feaces in politics. They spread sickness and parasites. You are not white, Kauf Buch. You are naturally brown.

    • pink power ranger December 19, 2019


  2. Just Sayin' January 19, 2017

    @FakeAmerican: If he had his way they’d all be white.

  3. The Logical Psycho January 20, 2017

    Guess now we are enslaved by the Orange Power. hml

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