Power Rangers’ Slogans



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  1. Red power is racist, it refers to indigenous people of North America.
    Blue power violates the rights of sad people.

    • FakeAmerican January 18, 2017

      Kauf Buch is ok with White Power.

    • Hey Fakey, why are you such a racist white-hater?
      Oh wait. You’re a brain-dead Leftist.
      That says it all.
      But you’re for “tolerance.” (/s)

    • The Good German January 19, 2017

      As the ultra right wing in is associated with a nice brown poop color in Germany, I can tell you: There can be no tolerance for feaces in politics. They spread sickness and parasites. You are not white, Kauf Buch. You are naturally brown.

    • pink power ranger December 19, 2019


  2. Just Sayin' January 19, 2017

    @FakeAmerican: If he had his way they’d all be white.

  3. The Logical Psycho January 20, 2017

    Guess now we are enslaved by the Orange Power. hml

  4. gay power ranger February 25, 2021


  5. this gay power ranger dude need to come down

  6. red power very racist.

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