That Potato Peeler Thingy



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  1. Ha, ha, ha, funny, made me laugh.

  2. Im surprised it took her that long.

    • The Old Man on the Mountain Alamut March 2, 2018

      It took her so long because of the kid. But when he was ten she realised he had developed into an ******* like his dad.

  3. Are they refering to suttar?

  4. gobsmacked scientist March 1, 2018

    Apparently they are making the good old salt and garlic lunch, with various peppers

  5. No wonder mom left them.

  6. Oh lawd these comments don’t know whether to laugh or cry

  7. It’s ok. You can laugh.

  8. And they are both much happier for it. lol.

  9. Mine was sharp, but broken, so I had to throw it away.

  10. Divorce court March 2, 2018

    Potato peeler thingy make big mistake. Abandonment no look good in court, probably lose custody of child. She leave happy family to shack up with meth dealer – not good!

    • Who wants such a brat and shit husband? She did well. More women should do that.
      That’s why there is no equal pay for example. So women can’t be economical independent and they have to stay with their abusive husbands. So you know what kind of men are bitching against equal pay. Here, on the net and everywhere. The lowest creatures.
      A real man is not afraid of independent women.

    • DaMan-rattus March 2, 2018

      I think you’re right you little troll you

    • @DaMan The gender paygap is a myth, proven wrong many times. The potato peeler could have chosen to become an attack helicopter.

      And if you take two potato peelers, both of whoom peel 20 potatoes per hour, but one of them peels 1h more per day, who should earn more?

      Or in the third case… meritocracy; if you take two potato peelers out of whom one peels 10 potatoes per hour and the second one peels 20 potatoes per hour, whom should earn more?

      That is the gender paygap in a nutshell between attack helicopters, potato peelers and meritocracy.

    • Do you really believe that BS, Oh snap, or do you just detest women?

    • I’ve produced much to argue against, but received in response nothing I can argue. Just a question of my opinion. Challenge me with an argument, please.

    • There ain’t no arguments. Writing BS into a textbox on the internet doesn’t make it an argument.

    • Ok, so doing an argument online makes it .. invalid in your view?

    • How can I write my arguments in a letter format, and send them to you? I assume you will want the postal delivery signed with a sigill, too?

    • Nevermind, whether you are a troll or a true PC/SJW, I won’t entertain you before you come back with arguments. This is why the left can’t meme. They don’t have the logical capability for that.

    • So you still refuse to bring up arguments for the discrimination and mistreatment of women and prefer to hold a monologue instead to avoid objections. Typical. So sad.

    • @DaMan I will entertain after you have rebutted my arguments.

  11. Oh.. I forgot the argument of working more hours at home without pay. There are things a potato peeler cannot do in a lifetime, but eg. a can opener can do in 5 seconds. Should the meritocracy be valuated based upon time spent, or performance?

    • What you need is an eye opener.

    • Stoooop! I like guys

    • @DaMan, again, just opinions.

    • Peeling potatoes takes much more time than opening cans, but who has raised the question about time spent? That’s just a stupid meter to use IMO.

      The real meter to use is this.. It is opinionated, and it is philosophical; who benefits mankind the most in the shortest time available?

    • Nevertheless I wish I had someone to peel my taters. :-((((

    • Yeah, the β€œOh snap” comment above was not from me. I wish eatliver would fix this.

    • Peel my taters XDXD

    • Sounds as funny and accurate as a left meme (slow clap). You guys crack me… /sarcasm

    • Stop faking me. I DO think that taters joke is funny. And I applaude to it.

  12. Yeah, the “Oh snap” comment above was not from me. I wish eatliver would fix this.

  13. Now who will go fetch him beers and make sammitches?

  14. Evan Gregory January 13, 2019

    Haha, nice

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