Pop Bands Gone Metal



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  1. please tell me these are commercially available!

  2. Haha! Very good. Love the Bieber one!

  3. Tom Jones already IS metal!

  4. I don’t get it…

  5. Genesis with Phil Collins at the helm had some heavier stuff. “Mama” for one. That song gave me the chills.

  6. Barry White is a POP band? OK…

  7. I did this in ’97.

  8. So many spelling mistakes?

  9. Shirtpusher January 29, 2015

    Metal fans seem like little children – smear some red color, add some skulls and you get a poster/tshirt for a metal fan.
    Very infantile.
    Then again while you are ready to buy this shit, I will sell it to you and will agree to all your thoughts how cool it all is.

  10. gobsmacked scientist January 29, 2015

    where can I buy these??

  11. those aren’t bands-and some of them SUCK

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