Poor Fifi



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  1. If the 1952’s women didn’t care for the killing of millions of jews, why would she cares about hamsters?

    • Old Angry Dude January 9, 2015

      You totally didn’t get the point of this picture.

    • Free and Fake American January 9, 2015

      How do you know they didn’t care? We americans do not care for the killing of civillians in our war against terror.

    • If.

  2. 1995 – Fifi wrote a demo song, sent out 100 copies to friends and recording companies. Nobody cares. Fifi makes agreement with small strip club to sing in tuesday afternoons for tips. Five years later Fifi is still singing in the same club, on the street and on kid parties because she loves singing and music is her life.
    2015 – Fifi got a guitar for xmas, wrote a song and posted on youtube. Two hours later she shoots herself because there are 12 views, 10 from her, 1 from pedophile and zero likes on facebook.

  3. Just saying... January 9, 2015

    1952? So she just sat on her ass for seven years?

  4. Hoopnoodle Chickenlicker January 10, 2015

    Nah, she collected bricks.

  5. >comparing Germans to anyone
    >hahaha hehehe

  6. It doesnt say if Fifi needed a shrink after she build up Germany
    I can imagine Post 2nd world war PTSD was widespread and mental health wasnt high for everyone, nor that PTSD was well known at the time, or simply everone had it and dealt with it however they could- Fifi needed to build so she build
    On the other hand – people go to a shrink theese days for idiotic things.

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