Politicians With Top Knots




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  1. Swedens Emperor October 27, 2015

    Why isnt the politics like this? I’d feel way more confidence in them if they looked like this.
    Also, we have a few top politicians looking like this here…

    • You’d have more confidence in them?
      You must be a total hipster douche….

  2. They all look like they’re trying to audition for game master of the hunger games

    • They should be reaped as tributes. Lincoln in his prime could kick the rest’s collective (_!_)s. The man is a natural ‘rassler. I would have won the 75th hunger game if I wasn’t 2 years older than dirt.

  3. Is it just me, or does Cameron’s look like a curly pigs tail?

  4. A more creative title would be ‘Balloon Knots with Top Knots’.

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