The Naked Truth About Double Standards



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  1. First off, you know that male models are selling stuff to men, right? And second, who do you think are wearing all those clothes in the big & tall shop ads? Start pulling back a little on the misogyny, won’t you? You’re just getting tiresome and it makes you seem really, really stupid. I have faith that you can do better.

    • Yeah, I agree – just because the lady in that picture is obese hideous, it’s not ok to make fun of her!

      Lard-arses have feelings to people!

    • And plus size models are selling stuff to… males?

  2. Actually there ARE plus-size male models. Once again a fail of meme makers.

    • Oh crap, yeah, I read just this week that Jared Leto gained 30kg for his latest role. He could be considered a model (after he’s lost 30kg).

  3. That’s a lot of canvas for the tattoo artist.

  4. Raskolnikov October 27, 2017

    Why do ugly women go out their way to make themselves uglier?

  5. Keep your plastic Barbies October 27, 2017

    That woman will keep you warm on cold winter nights. She won’t spend all your money, or cheat on you. She’ll keep you satisfied in the rack, and pump out kids like a horny rabbit. She’ll get a job to help make ends meet. If she has all her teeth, she’s a keeper. Too bad about the tats, that might be a deal breaker with a lot of guys – but if she was “hot” the same guys wouldn’t care a bit.

  6. I’m a fat pig and I got no problem picking up hot broads.

    • How much do you make by modeling in average? I’m a couple of kg overweight, but if it’s a successfull career, I can gain some more weight.

  7. Abe Lincoln October 28, 2017

    There’s no male equivelant of ‘ghetto booty’, you just have a fat ass.

  8. Nanya Biznez November 22, 2017

    Real men aren’t buying into plus size female models either. No one in their right mind wants to look at that. If they do they aren’t in a right state of mind.

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