Ish That Peesha?



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  1. Wow I’m happy eat liver is taking a break from the political ones shows some people there is life beyond argument

    • I don’t like arguing in my life, that’s why I come here. To rid myself of the accumulated frustrations of the day without taking it out on people I care about.

    • Rattus-Norvegicus March 1, 2018

      Norvegicus is Rattus. Let’s impersonate Norvegicus now

    • Party foul March 1, 2018

      So you don’t have to life is simple and happy when you communicate with happiness and love release the stress by yoga or other activities

    • Norvegicus March 1, 2018

      @Party foul, much as I would like to live that way, I have found that no amount of yoga, tai chi, cycling, or kayaking can quell the emotions engendered by life in a cubicle farm, traversing the nightmare that is downtown by bike to access said farm, and finding out that a coworker you had a jovial relationship with is, in fact, a racist.

      Last Norvegicus post. New name coming.

    • Party foul March 1, 2018

      I understand you have been through bad times but we all have gone through similar problems but you shouldn’t let your emotions take the better hand of you . Life is beautiful for those who want it to be beautiful.
      Farewell rattus this is my last comment got this thing to catch up on it’s called life

    • @Party foul, thanks for the good thoughts, but I’m not really going through bad times. As I age I am discovering that I loathe downtown (crowded and noisy), and my job bores me stupid, as it does many people. The time I spend here is predominantly the time I am waiting for something to complete its function on my computer at work so I’m not taking anything from my real life, which I happen to love. Love my husband, love my hobbies, love the bit of travelling we do…hate my job. That’s all it is.

    • @Party foul, forgot to say sorry to see you go. Have a good life.

    • Party foul March 1, 2018

      Then Hope we cross paths some day id love to meet a deep personality like you
      For now Ciao😊

  2. Deciphering rattus code
    Please wait…………

    • Rattus - computer nerd March 1, 2018

      Data compiled
      1 Rattus=troll
      2 Rattus=crazy
      3 Rattus>cats>catman>kauf buch

    • Rattus-i hate cats March 1, 2018

      The dog looks like it’s angry

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