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  1. WOW, racist af. So this website has gone full stormfront? wtf

    • Racist? How exactly? I see one white and one black baby. Or you mean racist against pitbulls?

    • @Lolfosor are you stupid or are you bring willfully obtuse?

    • @concerned So you can’t explain how is this picture racist, and you turn to ad hominem. Good job.

    • @concerned: I’m black. Tell me how is this pic discriminating me. I tried and tried but couldn’t find that answer.

    • When you are raised mentally skewed so far in any direction; anything near center seams radical.

      I see a dull snot nosed black kid with the word bad above him, implying all black kids are bad and black parents are the cause. How can a people heal from the most insane reality of brutal race-fueled hate-based chattel slavery and subsequent century of brutal hate-filled terrorism and institutional destruction of a people. It bothers me not that you will deny that statement, and I propose for one the reasons why you can’t see the venom in this post. If you look at the second picture alone the white baby is excluded from the picture, “same goes for pitbulls”. I want to again be willfully obtuse and claim that the above post is referring to both babies. Every detail of the picture/meme was thought out and selected for a reason. At the very least it’s a racist ‘dog whistle’ to like minds, at most it’s on par for something I would find on stormfront. It would fit right in. As for the person that’s ‘black’, of which I don’t believe they are black. If you are, your opinion on this matter is no greater than the person that created this trash. Believe what you want, I see the same hate that is over taking this nation in the ‘innocent’ meme.

    • You see too much. If the first baby was white would it be racism against whites?
      I see two lovely babies with very lovely dogs. This “if raised well they’re not dangerous” is an old joke that I’ve seen lots of times.
      I save the “race card” to use only if real racism is happening, and claiming everything nowadays is racist is doing an opposite service to us in fighting real racism.
      Answer something: did you spend the day on Halloween checking if 6 years old girls using their princess’ Halloween costumes were doing the BS cultural appropriation? I bet you did :D

    • Potentially Triggered but Don't Know Yet. November 2, 2017

      What is an –>af<– meme? I did a search on Al Gore's amazing interwebs and was not satisfied that I understood.

    • @concerned: It’s all in your head. The joke is about raising kids vs. raising dogs.

    • @concerned You have a serious problem to regognize racism. Please get education.

    • What? Dat agreed with me? Now I’m offended by this post. It’s completely racist!!!!

    • I agree. This is disturbing.

    • Pfff. You leftists are crazy. This is a completely innocent post.

    • What I meant was that our agreement is disturbing.

  2. Simpleton John November 1, 2017

    We need Captain Obvious to explain the joke to that concerned guy.

  3. Amazing how I didn’t notice the colour difference until pointed out by someone.

  4. Just Sayin' November 1, 2017

    Pit Bulls are better people than people are, for the most part.

    • Confused and Gullible November 2, 2017

      If you search the world wide news media you will find stories of people, cars, medicines, children, insects, water, hurricanes, storms, etc., etc., etc., killing babies. A possible solution to babies dying is to eliminate all forms of other life and nature thus offering the greatest safety to infants. Oh, and good parenting might be a step in the right direction. Or maybe I just too confused to understand.

  5. I don’t really know what’s happened to this website, but it used to be just funny pictures with a slight edge. It’s turned into some dumb alt-right shit platform, just aiming to offend.

    • Dustins sexually abused assistants mother November 2, 2017

      Did you see the video of a Homedepot truck with an ISIS flag and a Hillary bumper sticker?

    • Trumpeteers put them there for the media after the attack.

  6. Hahaha, i love how the “anti-racist” social justice warrior was the first to mention race!
    You idiots are just too easy:)

  7. very funny! How is it possible a website can publish this? unbelievable!!!!

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