Liberals vs. Logic



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  1. Every human can screw but very few can build a hitech assault weapon.

    • I bet they claim they could if you ask them.

    • That’s true. People would try and build themselves instead of illegally buying.
      No one ever supplied illegal goods when the demand exists.

    • lol..illegally smuggled gun from mexico is what will happen…and then the only ones with guns will be the criminals…holy hell dude, we can`t stop the drug trade, what makes you think we will stop illegal guns from coming into this country

  2. Draino Prepper Bob March 27, 2018

    I heard acid attacks are on the rise in the Londonstan, and there was talk about banning “Draino” like products. So I thought I’d load up here in the states as I have a couple of drains that get clogged quite often and wouldn’t want to be caught when the ban when comes here.

    As for Planned Parenthood(D) killing babies (most of them “of color”), POTUS(R), just funded PP with 500 million for the next 6 months so I guess The Party(D) and that other party(R) are unified in that.

  3. Bottom of the barrel

  4. I’ve no brain

  5. He should cut off his pecker to stop rape too.

    • If you have no penis you need a gun.

    • @ Dat. It’s a good to see you opening your mind. It’s a good idea for women to carry guns.

    • I doubt people like Hein, Kauf Buch, Trump and others would agree. A woman who would be able to defend herself. Such a nightmare for them.

    • A woman can level the playing field against a rapist twice her size by arming herself. Yet, it’s the Dems that want to limit her right to defend herself by restricting access to firearms.

  6. Another case of failed gun worshipper logic.

    • Oh go hump a brick will you

    • Did you sh*t one.

    • Please explain to us how it is not the same logic.

    • I can. Abortion is not a crime. Except for bigots.

    • @BigR Seriously? You are comparing a medical procedure with a gun. If you can’t see the difference there are two possibilities:
      A) You can’t, because you can comprehend it.
      B) You simply don’t want to because you get an advantage from your fake logic.
      In dubious favor towards you I guess on B in your case.

    • @Dat and yet you can’t describe the so called obvious logic and then you use the emotional argument, standard runaway of all snowflakes.

    • Sorry, I’m no expert for special education. I can’t provide you with the right way to teach you logical thinking.

    • Let’s say you’re explaining your logic to someone very intelligent, like Rattus. What would you tell her?
      Or perhaps you’re just avoiding giving the explanation?

    • Hein, please don’t equate Rattus’ opinionated attitude with intelligence. Plus, don’t expect Dat to respond to their numerous fallacies constructively.

    • @Me: as any libtard, I know Rattus has no brain. But it’s funny seeing Dat drowning in his own arguments :D

    • Haha, I’m not drowning. I just trying not to put too much effort in it as you would not want to understand it anyway and call me names, call it fake and claim to be a victim of discrimination by valid logic. Like all populists do. Just a waste of time. I’m pretty sure there are expert who could explain it too you in an easy and academic way. I’m not one of them. I’m not ought to be one of them. Ask an expert. Still the logic of this meme isn’t proven either. Just because there are funny pictures doesn’t make it real.

    • I know you’re not putting any effort in clarifying your logic. You’re instead putting effort in excuses on why you’re not clarifying your logic. We all know the reason, right? :D
      I know it and you know it: you have no logic behind your argument. It’s like 2 persons in an elevator and the fart smell comes. The guilty person can deny all he/she wants, but both persons know who was it.
      Now let’s hear your next excuse, or not :D

    • @Dat Lots of words, Dat, but you STILL have not explained anything. All that you have available is to call people stupid for not having the same opinion as yourself. You keep trying to dig your way out of a hole, and you can’t see that instead of getting out you just keep going deeper.

    • @BigR we know he farted, and he knows we know, and we know he knows we know 😂

    • Your populist strategies won’t bear fruit. With this rightist meme it was YOU who presented a false logic that challenged common logic. No normal human being thinks that way! Therefore it is YOU to present proof for the pretended logic. Not Dat. Your strategy is well known and I think it just doesn’t work today which is frustrating you guys. In your desperation you come up with fart jokes. Bless you, losers. :-)

    • Fart smell? Seriously? Only rightist farts smell. Everyone knows that. So the rightist is always guilty. But he will alsways blame the other one.

    • Hein is rattus you need to make your comments different you 2 bit keyboard warrior

  7. Libtards vs Retards

  8. Liberals are stupid.

  9. T is a ******* Idiot March 27, 2018

    @ “T”
    “I can. Abortion is not a crime. Except for bigots.”
    Neither is owning a gun you idiot.

  10. If you outlaw x, x will be harder to obtain. Duh!

    • The trunkmonkey March 28, 2018

      Pearls to the swines, as they say in my tree

    • If you outlaw x, x will be harder to obtain by *law abiding persons* :)

    • Law abiding person doesn’t need x. Pay your taxes and fund the executive. Only americans insist on shooting people at home for the thrill.

    • If x = drugs then something doesn’t add up.

    • Law Abiddus March 29, 2018

      @Dat I tried that. Someone was robbing my house. I told him I paid my taxes and funded the executive, but he still robbed me nevertheless :(

    • Get better locks. On the other hand I know you Americans don’t lock your houses and be surprised someone robbed you. So you need guns to shoot people who try to rob your unlocked houses.

    • Law Abiddus March 30, 2018

      But I tried that too.
      After telling the robber I was funding the executive, I told him I got better locks in the previous week and they were locked, it was unfair he still broke into my house. But he wouldn’t listen to me.
      Please, give me more advise in case I get robbed again. You seem to be quite smart person.

    • My father always said that locks just keep honest people honest. If someone WANTS to get in, they are going to get in. Don’t believe that? Try leaving an expensive piece of electronics on your car seat and lock the doors.

    • If door was enough, banks wouldn’t have safes hehe. But hey, who am I to say anything.

    • SO true. You are nothing. Safes have…. doors. WOW!

  11. Apples and oranges.

    Abortion has been around for centuries. It was just unsafe, and many women died because of them. We legalized abortion and made it safe. Banning it again would just drive it back into backalley clinics, and women would start dying again. And I’m sure that’s the prime draw of some of the people supporting such a ban.

    We banned hand grenades. When was the last time you heard of a hand grenade being used in a crime? And yet, your silly Second Amendment rights are not being infringed by not being able to get their hands on military hardware.

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