Damn Girl Are You Syria?


Because you got a lot of problems but I wanna get involved anyway.


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  1. Or- ‘because my missile wants to bomb your landing strip’

  2. …’cause Leftists have NO sense of humor.
    (can’t even offer a “nice try”)

  3. Mohammadansim cures it'self if left alone April 17, 2018

    Getting involved with it is like asking a date from the craziest psycho b*** on campus who weighs 300 lbs, who spontaneously screams and pukes, wears pussy hats and sacrifices babies to Satan as part of her religion. But she has a virginia… I guess.

    But Syria has no virgina so why does Trump and the EU want to f*** with it?

  4. I think the dude has a seeing problem. Syria never looked that good.

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