Meet Matthew: He Loves To Inject Himself Into Stock Photos


For years as an art director in advertising, Matthew shifted through hundreds of stock photos and always felt like there was something off about them. Real people were doing real things we all do, but in the end it did not look real. One day he decided to start adding some reality into these photos, so he inserted himself by photobombing the crap out of these silly stock photos.


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  1. That was boring.. September 9, 2018

    A man with too much time on his hands…

  2. That was hilarious! :-))

  3. I want to party with Matthew.

  4. Some of them made me laugh….some didn’t

  5. I laughed so nard, I forgot to smile

  6. Why did he cut himself out of the pictures?

  7. Remember this meme? September 21, 2018

    I laughed so hard the grenade almost fell out of my pocket

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