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  1. Hate against intellectuals. Typical Trump voter. Good boy. Keep being a dumb slave.

  2. Mountain Man March 19, 2020

    Read the great philosophers. But learn a trade.

  3. Herr Dr. Ing. Heinrich Völker, CEO March 19, 2020

    Someone with a philosophy degree would fit nicely in the marketing or PR or HR departments.
    There has also a typical attack on art students, but reality is that they fit nicely in design or marketing.

    • So these folks make us buy over-priced iPads?
      Shame on them.

    • “Don’t you know you should go to school and work hard to have a good career!”

      Works hard to have a good career…… “Shame on you for encouraging me to spend money! ”

      Fits right along with other good ones. “save your money so you can take care of yourself!” Headline: Millennials killed the taxi, CDs, golf, cable Tv and the diamond industry.

  4. Any excuse to stereotype and hate on an entire generation I guess.

    Way to set a good example.

  5. Nietzsche's Spirtual Guide March 20, 2020

    An EE can get the hot philosophy major (who is not a feminist) and breed her to be the next generation of Oppenheimer’s, how cools is that?

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