The Beauty Symbol of Persia From The 1900s


Beauty standards have changed drastically over the time. In 19th century Persia, the Western tastes were not dominant. So of course, they had beauty standards of their own. The more masculine a woman was, the more beautiful she was considered. The opposite was also true for men. So scroll down to feast your eyes on princess Zahra Khanom Tadj es-Saltaneh (1883 – 1936) who was considered the ultimate symbol of beauty in Persia during the early 1900s. So much in fact, it’s rumored that13 men killed themselves because she rejected their love.


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  1. Should I blind myself with two hot glowing sticks or use the emergency eye shower instead?

  2. The Lone Wonderer October 8, 2018

    Dude. It is one.

  3. Nice troll. Talking about the blog entry, not the photoshopped person portrayed.

  4. Wikipedia doesn’t really seem to back up the description. She was a princess, so of course some dude wanted to marry her and of course they took a lot of fancy photos of her.

  5. Now do you understand the need for the burqa?

  6. Nice try, but that’s the actor Luis Guzman.

  7. I believe I dated her in high school, or maybe it was her granddaughter.

  8. Women we can handle. That dress…

  9. rOB hANDSON October 9, 2018

    That is just a dude who got caugth in his own lie, and didn’t have the balls to tell anyone

  10. These peoples was turkish handmaids in Persians castle from 1900s.

  11. Fanny Batter October 13, 2018

    It’s a bloke in a dress. – Nothing to see here, move along…

  12. Pittoresk!

  13. I’ve heard of weirder fetishes.

  14. Thanks to Magazines beauty has changed forever. Beautiful women, are no longer beautiful women. The standard’s of beauty are so high, no woman can ever measure up.

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