People Who Fail at Life

21 thoughts on “People Who Fail at Life”

  1. I think the last pic is more ironic than a failure. Checker board face man is doomed though. (He probably says its a chess board)

  2. This is what life looks like without photoshop.

  3. Hoorah!!! No cat pictures.

  4. Dont understand the last pic. Someone explain

  5. “Plan Ahead”

  6. which he obviously didn’t do

  7. Tatoos are the most hideous things ever, to me. I won’t even patronize a place that has people with them serving food. I’m sure that there are those who think that defacing your skin is great, but I’m not one of them.

  8. The Cookie Monster cookies failed because the original were cupcakes and the application of frosting is easier on a cool cupcake versus a warm cookie. Also, the Stormtrooper cookies look like there was a kit involved versus free-handing the frosting on Stormtrooper cupcakes.

  9. I’m right there with you, Sean

  10. Octopus Pie Rules

  11. Wow

  12. It’s clearly intentional you dork.

  13. Hurray for the ignorant!

  14. Probably a good idea, I spit in the food of peoples who don’t have tattoos.

  15. is there a different meaning in ‘murica for the word patronise? coz you can be a patron of a bar or restaurant but the minute you add ‘ise’ to it, it means an arrogant person talking down to someone they believe is less than them. also it’s an s not a z unless your willing to agree the b*stardised version of English your speaking is actually a new language completely. i suggest you call it retard.

  16. p.s i love my body modifications. all of them.

  17. Cthulhu pie

  18. agree — if you like a certain design — put it on your wall — not on your back were you can’t see it

  19. Oh gawd, someone has been in my test kitchen! These are so funny because this is what totally happens when you see that crafty idea thinking- I could do that!

  20. Mr checkerboard head is going to look great when he gets a few wrinkles… not!

  21. Sean, I agree with you. If the good lord wanted u to have an eagle on your back, then he would have put one there. Tats are incredibly idiotic.

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