What If Superheroes Had Part-Time Jobs?


Created by Chow Hon Lam.


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  1. Darth vader isn’t a superhero.

  2. SomeoneElse April 20, 2015

    Why does Batman not need a job, but Iron Man does? Even if it is taken as Iron Man is not being paid to iron his own clothes, shouldn’t Batman, then, be at baseball practice?

    • And you missed the God of Thunder when you wrote that…

    • Wooden Brain April 20, 2015

      ’cause he has Robin

    • TheDarkOne April 21, 2015

      Iron man was a pun

    • Cynical Sam May 3, 2015

      Batman never learned how to play baseball ’cause his parents couldn’t take him to little league practice.

  3. These are full time jobs!!

  4. When did harry potter become a super hero??

  5. Al Sharpton, justice brother April 20, 2015

    Why’d all da supra hero’s white? WTF!
    Landlord, pay me one million Washingtons, and we won’t talk of it any further, and not that Canadian crap either.

  6. Wonder Woman April 21, 2015

    Once again, women are left out of the workforce.

  7. TheDarkOne April 21, 2015

    “i dont need a job” that needs to happen to me

  8. Yep i did read the books, he is still not a real super hero

  9. No one noticed loki

  10. winterhog May 28, 2015

    Last time I checked, being a CEO of a multinational company (Wayne Industries) still counted as a job.

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