Parenting: 1999 vs. 2019


Parenting: 1999 vs. 2019


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  1. What’s sad about this is how true it is. People have forgotten how to parent.

    • People might have forgotten how to parent. Like yours obvious failed to get a proper son. But the meme is nonsens.

    • Woke SJW in the hizzzy.

      “REEEE GeNDeR iS a SoCIaL COnSTuct”

    • We don't speak apeman. August 28, 2019

      And now in human language please.

  2. Even commenting on this meme invites a mob to show up ones door. Welcome to Lot’s door in my/your fair city.

  3. Wow transphobic much

    • Indeed, cowards always hate and discriminate the least dangerous people.

  4. That’s not how it works. You have to talk to a special psychiatrist who specializes in this. You don’t get the pills unless you convince them you have gender dysphoria.

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