Parenting: 1997 vs. 2017



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  1. Eatliver Fan October 24, 2017

    Sounds about right.

  2. Mummy, I think my views are slightly right of centre


  3. Fun fact: The girl who wasnt allowed to pierce her ears was the mom in 2017.

  4. Dattus wanted the Prince Albert, but his mommy said no. Now you know how he got that way.

    • I’m not fond of “body art”.
      Yet the meme shows the hidden desires of the one who made it. This weird idea must come from somewhere. Rightists like Kauf Vickyhein often project their fears and by their social group unaccepted desires onto those they despise. Like e.g. happy people. It’s easier to hate others when you’re hating yourself deep within.

    • Are you saying I’m TOO WHIMPY for a FUGHNG PIERCING??? LEFTIST TRASH!!

  5. The keyword here is “boy”…

  6. The more correct response would be….what makes you think that?

  7. … most little girls had their ears pierced before they were five.. “so it would be natural”. So I don’t get this comparison. For reference, I was born 1992, my oldest sister was born 1986.. almost everyone I knew had theirs pierced… maybe if it was a nose piercing or something it would be weird?

    Also.. There is a difference between being accepting of someone’s gender identity, and getting hormone treatments. Any doctor who is okay with doing hormone treatments before age 23-25 is running a risk. But letting your kid dress how they want shouldn’t be an issue.

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