Looks Like He Got an Even Spread


Looks like he got an even spread.


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  1. orange man good February 10, 2020

    So, the hair is real and the spry tan is fake?

  2. So that’s how they painted the Oompa Loompa’s

  3. Gruntled Gentleman February 11, 2020

    It nice to see people resorting to photoshopped images to make Trump look bad. Goes to show how good he’s actually doing.

    • Has absolutely nothing to do with how bad he’s doing. ( Where’s that wall? Still have ObamaCare? Now it’s even worse that before. At least the debt is skyrocketing.)

      Anyway, people were making fun of Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton even before they took office. There was a post here the other day of both Clintons and they aren’t even in politics anymore. There’s always someone with photoshop making jokes on the internet. All those ones about the democrats aren’t happening because they are so great, right?

    • The only one making Trump look bad is Trump.

  4. Crooked Trump February 12, 2020

    Soon my pal Roger Stone will be free. Obstructing justice right now. Such unfair accusations. Fake justice. MAGA.

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