The World’s Loneliest Man Isn’t Lonely Anymore!


Once upon a time, in a small village in France, there lived a lonely man named Pierre. He longed for companionship, but had never been able to find the right person. One day, while wandering through the countryside, he came across a pile of rags. Inspiration struck, and Pierre decided to make himself a girlfriend out of the rags. He carefully sewed the rags together, creating the shape of a woman. He gave her a dress, a pair of shoes, and even a wig. At first everyone laughed at Pierre. But as the days passed, the neighbors grew used to seeing Pierre and his rag doll girlfriend together. They began to realize that Pierre was happy and that was all that mattered. They even began to see the rag doll as a real person, and would often greet her with a smile and a wave. In the end, Pierre’s rag doll girlfriend brought joy and laughter to the whole town, and Pierre was no longer lonely. He lived happily ever after with the rag doll of his dreams!

This is not weird at all.

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