Glamour Photos of Owners and Their Pets



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  1. Sebastian July 30, 2015

    Cat lovers are weird…

    • They look weird only in pictures. In real life they are crazy.

  2. Erm is that Danny Trejo?

    • I think so…

    • SoCalChico August 1, 2015

      I’ve met Danny Trejo. He plays badasses in movies but IRL he’s the most gentle man you’ll ever know. Ride in an elevator with him and he’ll go out of his way to put you at ease while you’re wondering if he’s going to blow you away. That picture captures his personal life perfectly, and he has glorious tats!

  3. *burns old pictures of himself with his beloved dog* Yeah! what Nerds!

  4. 1) Realize few people will see them because you have so few friends
    2) Keep your shirt on
    3) Rule two does not apply if you are Danny Trejo. No rules apply to Mr. Trejo.

  5. Bubbles and Machete in the same gallery.
    How many of these are ironic hipsters and how many are clueless?

  6. makaroniarz July 31, 2015

    ‘MURICA …

  7. Most of these are just people who wished they were around when people actually did portraits like that. Get your own nostalgia.

  8. Bubba and Joe Bob August 2, 2015

    Joe Bob here… Bubba has a picture of him and his prize hog. Won a blue ribbon for the old sow and then turned her into bacon and ham and BBQ ribs.He had a tear in his eye as he licked the last of the bacon greas off his chin.

  9. The one that says ‘Jake ’05’ appears to be doctored with the face of former University of Nebraska head football coach, Bo Pelini.

  10. I didn’t know Obama’s mama had a cat.

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