What Rhymes With Orange?


No it doesn't.


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    • Electorial College Jeb in fly over land November 30, 2019

      That didn’t even occur to me. It’s going to be tough for some in popular culture to see him go in 2024.

    • Confused Child November 30, 2019

      That doesn’t really make sense…

    • Why tough? There will always be a bad person to oppose.

    • Trump is just a clown put into office by Putin as a distraction for his illegal political schemes.

  1. Trump Derangement Syndrome

    • just asking December 1, 2019

      Is that different from Deranged Trumper Syndrome?

      Are there any Americans for whom the description deranged is incorrect nowadays?

    • No, they are all nuts. The walnut will become the new coat of arms of the US of A soon.

    • @just asking: It’d different in a way that it can effectively be used for trolling, while the other just makes a person cringe.

  2. Populate the Earth with People who will survive Bob November 30, 2019

    She seems smart on the surface but until I know her breast size and hip measurements I won’t know how smart.

  3. thank you for your hard work

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