The Adventures of Horrible Optimist Kevin




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  1. Funniest in ages

  2. Really average, can’t compete with Joan Cornellà

  3. PatronusKitty7 February 5, 2017

    Hilarious, funniest I’ve seen here in a while!

  4. Someone explain the “summer bod” one.

    • themanbeard February 7, 2017

      the body was buried in the summer… summer bod.

    • PatronusKitty7 February 9, 2017

      Summer bod… Muscular, fit, and generally considered attractive. In the spring both men and women work out in order to get that ‘summer body’ that they can show off in the summer (like at a beach or by the pool). The reason the word summer is there is because in colder areas, everyone is bundled up and you can’t tell if anyone has abs or not.

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