2021 Is Almost Over, Yippee!


Are you waiting for 2022? But who said 2022 will be any better? Courtesy of the new Omicron Covid-19 mutation.


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  1. Thanks, Antivaxxers, for giving birth to another variant.

    • Well, I think more people would be vaxxed in Africa, if the rich countries would support them much more getting vaxxed. It was the US, EU and Switzerland who opposed against lifting patents for vaccinations.

      So, we get what we have ordered. Delta from India, Omicron from South(ern) Africa.

    • Fredo's fired, now what are you going to do? December 5, 2021

      WuFlu is zoological. You better GMO clot shot your cat dummy. And the clot shot works so well.

    • Got 2 shots already yet you are the one with brain damage. That says all.

  2. Anonymous the second December 4, 2021

    Yeah, take that anti-vaxers!

  3. Maybe someday with all the break through infections people will finally realize that the vaccines don’t really work no matter HOW many shots you take and it’s has nothing to do with weather your vaxxed or not. But probably not.

    • They work perfectly. You just on’t understand the process.

    • Suck Mycock December 5, 2021

      Stop getting your “facts” from Fox News and Qanon. The vaccine works, just not against being a dumbass.

      And btw, Fox News has a stricter vaccine mandate than what Biden put out, so you’re being lied to by those hypocrites 😁

    • Hypocrites feed on the stupidity of the masses. And usually get rich. Trump is the best example.

    • Son of a beach December 5, 2021

      “it’s has nothing to do with weather your vaxxed or not.”

      Why wood anyone listen to you, you’re Inglish is to bad. Your hopeless.

  4. I live in a border jurisdiction. Where I live is highly restrictive, over the border it’s not. So my gym membership, shopping, soon my doc and other activities will be 10 minutes further away. It’s a hard life but someone has to lead it.

  5. All cases of Omicron in the US are in vaccinated people. In Israel their cases are in triple vaccinated people. The majority of new covid cases are in vaccinated people. But hey safe and effective right. Natural immunity is your ONLY hope. And if your already vaccinated that ship has sailed. Just keep getting those useless shots. Us true bloods are going to be just fine as we have for 2 years now.

  6. Are you sure you are not a professional comedian?

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