Vintage Halloween Costumes That Will Scare You To Death



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  1. Some quite racist.

    • I’m curious, what’s the official social justice warriors rule on this if white people dress up as a black man as a tribute, because they admire that person?

    • mcdaddy, you would have to ask some black people what they think about this. As far as I know black-facing is considered racist.

      Or ask yourself. What would you think, if black people painted themselves white, to then claim they did it because they admire you and it is a tribute?

    • But don’t forget that white people weren’t enslaved and treated like animals by black people for some time…

    • Menachem Jacob Rebinowicz October 19, 2017

      The hell you say!

    • Actually they were, but mostly by arabs who have a much larger and longer history of using slaves than white people ever did. But i guess your history teacher forgot to tell you that part:

      That’s ok, they all do.

      And about black-facing, have you ever seen the movie “white chicks”? I LOL’ed, but imagine that movie the other way around…

    • You mean, the white masks?

    • McDaddy – how is this relevant? Does it make anything that happened unhappening? You racists need to come up with some new smoke-ball bs as that shit’s getting old. It’s like the german nazis claiming the world should stop blaming them for killing jews in their concentration camps when the british had those camps way before.

    • Read a history book October 20, 2017

      Once again, Europeans brought the African slave trade to the Americas hundreds of years before the USA became a country. More African slaves went to South America than to North America – to work in the sugar cane fields. It’s history, let go.

    • I was answering “2017” and “anteater”, at least read the whole thing before you go full SJW.

    • You always know the racists, because they are always the first to bring up racism…..

    • The Lone Wonderer October 20, 2017

      2017 obviously doesn’t know history. Whites were one of the first to be enslaved for over 3 thousand years. By what we call Arabs today.

    • dumbshit. sees race everywhere. sick

  2. Some Guy Somewherehe October 19, 2017

    When costumes were home made and with greater imagination. Today’s store bought is not scary and designed only to be a money producer. Sometimes the good old days were really good.

  3. Ain’t it nice when someone who is taken as a equal by 90%is still crying about what is ended hundred years ago?

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