ok groomer


Boomer groomer meets gen Z dog.


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  1. Unless she grew up in equatorial Africa, that girl grew up with internet.

  2. nice rack… how big of a dog can you groom with that. 🐩

  3. Most of us Generation X grew up without the internet. And what did it bring us? Robbed from the benefits the boomers got and get and no access to those of Generation Y +. We are the f…ed generation. All we get is sh*t. We hate you all.

    • We get to diss both boomers and zoomers 🤘

    • And millenials (GenY).
      We should destroy Earth…

    • Ah yes, millenials. They flabber the most about saving the planet, yet they are the ones consuming weekly fast fashion, among other consumables humbug marketing is selling this week.

  4. This joke will be funny forever.

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