Hilariously Awkward Family Photos From The 1980s

1980s truly was the greatest decade ever. No doubt in my mind. This gallery is just another another proof.

12 thoughts on “Hilariously Awkward Family Photos From The 1980s”

  1. That shit is scary.

  2. Sterling examples of the reason the lack of birth control can lead to dire consequences.

  3. ugly people shouldn’t breed

  4. Pic 8: One eye looking at you, and one eye looking for you…

  5. With that last one I’d have to run, run so far away, I’d have to get away!

  6. Many funny, some bleh, 1 disgusting (with dog) and 1 awesome (with cat)

    Improve your content. Add more cats. It’s really not very complex.

    Cats = Profit and success.
    Dogs equal Bleh-ness and vomiting.

    – CatMan

  7. Commentary in descending order:

    #1: A promotional shot from “Hasbro’s ‘SORRY!’: The Movie”

    #2: From right to left – father, son, daughter, 2nd daughter groomed from infancy to be “The Champion” with the aid of regular HGH injections.

    #3: That’s actually a beautiful family – it’s just a bit unsettling to think that Mom, Dad, and the boys appear quite likely to all be in there naked together.

    #4: The Stephen King/Margaret Thatcher family. Remember those crazy ’80s?

    #5: OMFG it’s the Cliven Bundy family.

    #6: Mother and daughter are okay with it, dad hates it…but son is DIGGIN’ it! Get with the times, Old Man!

    #7: Counterclockwise from bottom: Son, elder son, uncle in a wig

    #8: Dr. Vijay Frankenstein, his prototype monster, his 3 perfected monsters, and his faithful wife Igor.

    #9: POP QUIZ: How many females are in this photo???

    #10: “Well gawrsh, the kids ‘n me just had a SUPER time down at dat dere Hitlerjugend!”

    #11: A perfect balance: If their tops were as thin as their legs, they’d be unable to properly spoon and fall off. If their legs were as thick as their tops, the branch would break.

    #12: ‘Brady Bunch Starter Set’

    #13: The 1980s were a (somewhat) more innocent time, when Dad could pretend he was a cowboy riding his dog like a pony without (as many) people leaping to lewd conclusions.

    #14: Sister’s thinking “Lucky bitch, he never does that to ME….”

    #15: fig. 1: The victim and witnesses. fig. 2: The perp and her accomplice.

    #16: That’s not a daughter, that’s a cutting.

    #17: Not a single one of them is his. Even he is glad of this.

    #18: Meet the Hill family. They have eyes. Their eldest son, Mark, would grow to distance himself from his origins, going so far to add a syllable to his surname. He actually turned out alright.

    #19: Satanists have kind and loving families, too! A Blessed Walpurgis to thee and thine!

    #20: Rejected Animorphs

    #21: Love At Last: Velma Dinkley, Arthur “Boo” Radley, and their miraculous multiple-genetic-bullet-dodging daughter.

    #22: SPOILER ALERT, Marvel Fans!: The girl’s father is Scott Summers, and the boy’s father is Leland Owlsley!

  8. Damn. Mama in pic #3 can get it.

  9. Now go to youtube to listen some good old charged G.B.H records

  10. Haaaa. Good one.

  11. the 4th one looks like they came from prison

  12. Why is that dude screwing the dog and why does that bitch got a creepy dummy on her lap?

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