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  1. Kauf Buch’s parents – before they left him for a more pleasant child – always told him not to lick the screen.

    • PatronasKitty7 January 7, 2017

      …What was he watching?

    • The Good German January 7, 2017

      A recording of a colonoscopy performed on a Donald J. Trump. He still has a shrine in his garage for that cassette.
      You may see it for 10 bucks. But careful, it’s slippery due to all that saliva.

    • Haha, it’s funny how easily he got so deeply under all your so very thin skins.

    • The Good German January 8, 2017

      Not really. I doubt he could do than via the internet. Not if we skin him first – intellectually. Easy task.

    • PatronasKitty7 January 9, 2017

      Wow. This might actually be the only place on the internet where I wouldn’t get twelve-year-olds shouting ‘PORN’ as an answer to my question. Congrats, Eatliver! You’ve won the Nobel prize for trying to be a humor website and passing in the best way possible… because believe me, horny pre-teens are not funny.

  2. It’d be fun to know the motives behind why, and how this ‘too close to the TV’ myth started.

    • It’s because of Kauf Buch’s father. He always watched TV to close to the screen. Through the years his eye sight was so bad, he couldn’t say how ugly Kauf Buch’s mother was. So they married and had one little piggy fat child that they named Kauf Buch. Eventually his father finally got a pair of glasses. He killed himself the same day after he saw his family for the first time. His mother married again. Some guy from a southern swamp who tought Kauf Buch everything he didn’t knew about anything. It was that time Kauf Buch came first in contact with racism, KKK and the philosophy of national socialism. The concepts were so easy to understand that the young Kauf found his calling. Ever since he roams the internet trying to convince others of superiority and stupid beliefs.
      Yeah, that’s the short version.

  3. DoctorGoogle January 12, 2017

    So I tried looking this up and what I find is that children can focus at short distances better than adults, so sitting really close to the TV isn’t a problem in itself. Needing to sit close to see it may be a sign of short-sightedness.
    Now guessing, parents annoyed that kids are sitting too close because they can’t see the TV so close without straining the eyes, so think it’s bad.
    Found another thing that apparently GE released a colour TV in the 1960’s that emitted excessive amounts of radiation and may have helped start it as a myth with all TV’s.
    Watching a screen too close (TV, computer) can cause eye strain though, taking a break to rest the eyes will cure that.

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