The Beauty Industry: Men vs. Women


How is this fair?


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  1. Women and children are gullible enough to consume single-purpouse vanity products, and the marketing execs know how to profit off of that trait.

    • Though, it’s the patriarchaic pressure that forces women to do so. The message of society is clear: If a woman doesn’t look like expected she is worthless.
      And before you feel superior, snappyboy…
      Remember that the same works on men. Just with other products. Who needs a car with 300 horsepowers? A real man? Or the newest technical gadget? It’s the same, just another market.

    • Good luck fighting those fires and getting people quickly into hospitals in due time without the evolution of the car engine from what they were, to what they currently are at. I’m sure the evolution of fake eyelashes and glitter will some day save lives.

    • Wow, you justify your 2 ton SUV for your family of one with the development of ambulances. Hilarious.
      Let’s get real. It’s to compensate your lack of manhood like those advertisements told you.

    • What I wrote was, that firetrucks and ambulances are faster (and more reliable, safer, easier to operate, etc.), because people enjoy those traits in cars, so they’ll throw money into buying a car with those traits, furthering the development of those traits. Mass production of 2 ton SUV’s (I don’t own a car btw, just a scooter atm, but nice ad hominem) means that every small town can afford to buy a truck from the production line and repurpouse it to an ambulance.

    • The masses (men AND women) are gullible creatures. Have you seen the most recent occupant of the White House? The market for feminine products (needed or not) is controlled in favor of men – not just with advertising, but by price-point. Anything pink will immediately cost more… Compounded by the fact that women earn less than men, and that our bodies are regulated by our patriarchal government, it’s a wonder we still have a sense of humour at all.

    • One reason pink products cost more is the pigment used to colour the plastic. Both the pigment material AND the production process for producing pink plastics costs more than eg. blue plastic. Women choose to earn less. A man and a woman working the same job with the same experience, during the same hours and the same amount of hours will have equal pay.

    • Are you trying to be funny?

    • He’s trying to troll. He has no arguments. He’s just repeating the usual lies and is making up fake facts. That makes life more convinient for some of my fellow men.

    • > Are you trying to be funny?

      No, I’m disproving your arguments with facts. Eg. “Pink tax”:

    • Funny, though it is unlikely to explain the price difference on the shelf. Higher temperatures tend to improve mixing of liquids because it makes entropy more important.

    • Presenting Quora as a reliable source only prooves your lack of real facts.

    • Looking at webshop prices that can easily be found using google, the pink pigments for plastic colouring are 12-25USD/kg and blue pigment is 1USD/kg. And that’s just the pigment. Remember, the production costs are higher, too.

      Vote with your wallets and stop believing in conspiracy theories such as the “pink tax”. I’ll leave a link to the webshop, but it may be considered spam and removed: Search for: “Plastic Pigment pink”, and blue respectively.

    • Big bottle = 50g, pigment is 1% w/w, so the most expensive pink adds $0.012.

    • So you buy in China. How unamerican.

    • Where do you think Trump’s products like the suits and ties are being made? Or your “me am gullible american” hat?

    • um maybe because women like to take better care of themselves since they have to be “perfect” for men.

  2. Starshemah August 5, 2019

    Forgot to say the men’s product is good for jock itch.

  3. Why can’t everybody admit that women are in fact a little stupid

  4. FearlessLeader August 6, 2019

    To be fair, women tend to take more care of themselves than most men. A lot of hygiene products that are made for women are going to made to fulfil a specific niche that most men wouldn’t bother about.

  5. Don’t like it, don’t buy it. Better yet – hit up one of the 1000’s of do it yourself recipes to make your own beauty care products and put the companies sponging your earnings away out of business.

    Capitalistic society is dependent on people allowing themselves to be brainwashed into buying things that they do not need, to impress people they do not care about, using money on loan with a ridiculous rate of interest.

  6. what’s “spackle”?

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