Hilarious Posts About Being Single



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  1. Single: I still got all my money in my pocket. Awesome!
    Single: I don’t have to worry about him/her not liking my present enough.
    Single: I can still enjoy my life without anyone harassing me for not celebrating this stupid day that serves only as marketing to load the pockets of those who are already richer than me. For killing millions of flowers around the world and for producing tons of rubbish no one will want to keep after two days.

  2. Hey, some of these were funny, but everyone complains about Eatliver being too political, misogynist, or mean. Bunch of hypocrites. Or maybe EL hit a little to close to home, hmm?

  3. The car door handle with the spider webs must be a car from the UK or some other ‘drive on the wrong side of the road’ country, because in the US that’s the drivers door. Just saying.

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