Harsh Truths From a Potato




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  1. Looks like that haunted potato from an old goosebumps episode

  2. Latvia.. we have potatoes.. many truth. Is dark. Have potato. Have truth. Water took away our house. Save patatoes. Truth.

    • Truth potato: In Latvia, potato come to home, feed family! But is no potato, only secret police.

  3. French Fries February 2, 2018

    I love Truth Potato.
    Soooo many people these days need to understand Truth Potato’s wisdom.

  4. The Truth Potato will set you free.

  5. All hail the truth potato!
    pst : Take the red pill….

  6. George_Banner February 7, 2018

    Good potato. Goooooood potato!
    Pay attention. Share it.

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