New Instagram Trend: Baby Doll Head Planters


To be fair, reusing old doll heads is more eco-friendly than buying a new pot. It’s up to you however whether or not it is worth it. For me, I’ll take a larger carbon footprint in exchange for not being menaced by these little monstrosities found via #dollplanters Instagram trend.


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  1. Dark Sith Lord Lieberman May 1, 2018

    Lack of “diversity” of background, and subjects indicates a single vendor or locality for pics. Can’t be a northern California city as no syringes or fecal matter.

    • The tree ferns in the background don’t really narrow it down much.

  2. That is just so wrong on so many levels…..

  3. Goober the Not So Funny These Days May 2, 2018

    99% of them have Blue eyes just like me. This has to be blatant Racism. BASTARDS

  4. That one is like “nigga why u red ?”

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