Creepy Vintage Pictures of Clowns



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  1. My god. I think one of them is Wayne Gacy.

    • It's a jeep thing January 27, 2016

      That is exactly what I thought!

    • I am pretty sure you are correct – one is Wayne Gacy.

    • John Wayne Gacy is NOT any of these clowns.
      Gacy painted his face with sharp points and angles which is NOT recommended by professional clowns.

  2. I’m sure they were all very nice people. Except for the one that was John Wayne Gacy. But other than him; just really nice, non threatening people.

    • Do you know any of these people? How can you be sure they’re ‘very nice people’. Most of them are monstrous weirdos, that I’m sure are NOT ‘very nice people’.

    • C.O. Ulrophobe February 2, 2016

      There are no nice clowns. Clowns are evil.

  3. Italiano Medio January 26, 2016

    Poor kids. It’s gonna take ages to get over those nightmarish memories.

  4. Americans and their rediculous fear of clowns…

    • The old man on the mountain January 27, 2016

      Here we go again – EUro manages to bring in his/her anti-American sentiments based on a total unrelated subject. Well done!

    • You are wrong. It is an american subject. No one else on this planet cares about clowns or considers them creepy. My post was about the other comments.

    • It’s quite common to be either afraid of Heights or Clowns
      I would imagine many Americans do have a fear of Clowns
      It’s statistically possible that you’re correct

    • Amen!!!

    • Better to fear clowns than to fear toothbrushes and antiperspirant

    • I’m American and love clowns… Even better if they’re spooky.

    • C.O. Ulrophobe February 2, 2016

      I am not American. And happily so.
      I think clowns are horrible. Especially for kids.
      I don’t fear clowns.I just have a natural distrust for people who wear make up and who exaggerate every single thing they do.
      Most young children are afraid of clowns, until they get taught to override their natural instincts. That is how paedophiles can get to their victims; kids learn to disregard their warning system.
      The basic clown characters are based upon mocking either the homeless, the town drunkard, or the retarded.
      What is there to like about that?

    • EUros and their ridiculous spelling of ridiculous.

    • l’ve never seen a clown in real life only in 80S/90s American family films or horror. Are clowns still a thing?

    • Nothing to do with Americans. I’m Canadian. Many Clowns look positively creepy.

    • Americans are scared of everything, including clowns lol! Lol!

  5. Bubba and Joe Bob January 27, 2016

    Some of them blk/wht pictures could be Rookies. We all know how crazy they are.

  6. Someone that cares January 28, 2016

    Nobody is going to point out Ronald McDonald?

  7. I don’t get it – why are clowns even a thing?

  8. The colour photograph is NOT Gacy. The people who put this photo collage together had more good taste and sense than to put a Gacy photo in it. If you’re still not sure, go Google the images of Gacy as a clown and you’ll be reassured :D

  9. Is #12 Obama??!?

  10. I’m not American and clowns seriously give me the creeps. Incidentally I’m scared of heights too!

  11. Rev the pissed off clow . February 2, 2016

    You people are ridiculous. I myself am a clow . Which means yes clowns still exis . And there is not anything scary about them whatsoever. You’re all ignorant, chicken shit, ***** slime. Unbelievable?!

    • I seriously love clowns – best people in the world. Mic and Mac, the greatest clowns ever.

    • a clow? No…we just think many Clowns are scary looking. Don’t take things so personally.

    • You are scary. Do you get mad if any kids get scared of you aswell?

  12. Sid Jarrett February 2, 2016

    You cant keep Billy out of the picture

  13. Many men in the Depression era turned to the simplest of jobs, and becoming a clown was one of them. Other than to be funny and carry on, there was no professional training like there is today, and many slid into criminal activities while still ‘running the ring’ as a clown. The photos can be said to be confronting because they are contrasty black and white. What would a viewer’s response be if they were in colour? The photos are a great reminder of the way things were a long time ago, the sort of job or vocation none of us would hope to do because of the seedy, shady characters that populated the epoch and gave rise to feelings of unease and loathing. Things *have* changed.

  14. I absolutely love clowns, always have, always will and still go to circuses just for the clowns. Strangely enough, as a ‘Euro’, I also love toothbrushes and deodorant. I do however despise this ridiculous issue that Americans seem to have about us not brushing our teeth. Our teeth our as healthy, if not more so, than yours. Google it – it’s a fact. Ours also aren’t fake and bleached.

  15. I pray that 31 is better than Lords of Salem, that movie stunk.

  16. Ella Harlow February 3, 2016

    I love how the babies are crying.

  17. It’s Obama on the bike with umbrella!

  18. No. 2 is the silent film actor Lon Chaney.

  19. john Chricton February 5, 2016

    I’m originally from Mexico, and I’m afraid of clowns. I’m also afraid of Europeans, especially on hot, humid days.

  20. He have to remember that John Wayne Gacy was an all American citizen, devoted father, loving husband. Has nothing to do with Europe, unless you think that french fries are from France.

  21. WTF is the deal with the clown standing on chair over the family? And is his hand replaced with a stick or gun or what?? That is a straight up serial killer portrait!

  22. Fear of clowns is not a uniquely American thing. So much so that clowns are falling out of favor. Little kids don’t like people with covered or strange faces, naturally. We teach them to ignore this fear. Some kids can, while others of us never can. Beit from trauma or just an irrational fear. You can’t make judgement on a whole country based on a natural human instinct. Naturally, I don’t criticize kids when they fear something. I try to explain what it is. But, we evolved fears for a reason. I call it natural selection. People who hide their identity and try to get near children make me suspicious. Clowns creep me out. Sorry clown lovers. I have friends who use clown makeup for adult games. Ew. Not my thing. That’s okay. Not everyone has to be the same. I also don’t like some characters that dress up in costumed cartoon characters. It’s a natural neurobiological fear. Again, not uniquely American.

  23. I thought the second one with the tufts of hair coming out of his bald white head looked a lot like Lon Chaney!

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