The Netflix Cycle



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  1. It ruined blockbusters I hate it

  2. it’s because modern TV series are emotionnal garbage aimed at couch ladies

  3. Final Destination Bob March 23, 2018

    I’m partial to Babylon V, wish that would come back to streaming.

    That said I also like any horror movie showing a high morbidity and mortality rate of teenagers. I turn the volume up so my 4 little teenage tax deductions can hear just at the point one of the victims is about to be dispatched. Most popular when a C is on the report card or the car has another dent.

  4. Antenna "Bob" Carter March 24, 2018

    Wait, people pay to watch TV?

    • Couch Potatoe Bob March 24, 2018

      I can’t wait for a denture cream commercial to find out if Bobbie is going to have porch chops or apple sauce while I drink my Bud.

  5. Office fanboy November 30, 2020


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