Kickass Yearbook Quotes



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  1. These kids are lucky to be allowed to make comments. When I graduated we had to hold a sign with our jail number on it and had two views – front and left side.

    • The greedy parent June 13, 2018

      That’s the difference between private and public schools.

    • Salzigtal June 13, 2018

      Pennyz 4 edumacation, millions for prisons. Go ‘Merica.

    • My school district expenditures this year (alone) are $265,896,971. Hardly pennies.

  2. Forever alone June 12, 2018

    Before there was the inter webs, paper pubs could get you in trouble as much as any social media site, who knew back then. They are forever marked, and will roam the earth in social-media-disgrace, a search engine lookup away from unemployment, divorce and social isolation, their children (if they marry an Amish girl with no tech) will hang their heads in disgrace.

    It’s so much to bear

  3. My GED from the State Youth Correctional Facility makes me proud about now. Your Mom agrees.

  4. Otterface June 21, 2018

    Highschool was easy… just do what you have to d.. in reality the homework and all that was very very easy.

    Then read study what you desire

    Rest is just hanging out w mates.

    Why is it hard to someone is beyond me. They teach you child level sciences. Cmon..

  5. Italiano Medio June 28, 2018

    Good times!

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