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  1. That’s not entirely inaccurate. I will say, however, that despite my disagreement with “loose poopy”, they actually seem to be the people in the race with an actual goal or idea, whereas the “firm poopy” isn’t so firm and ends up expanding government and spending way too much money because Haliburton needs enough money to buy another continent. Cowards with a dream or courageous idiots? Either way, we’re voting for poop.

  2. bet you’re fun at parties

  3. Democrats and establishment Republicans are basically the same thing, a bunch of globalists who are undermining the national interests of the United States, and acting against the economic interests of the American people as they continue to line their pockets as well as those of their friends and family with our tax dollars. It’s pure corruption all the way down, and if an outsider comes along that poses a threat to their ongoing criminal endeavor, they sic the media on them and slander them until something sticks and destroys their image.

  4. Is this Trump and the other fellow whatshisname?

  5. Do you need your rich people to get more rich, or do you need your poor people to get less poor? If it’s the first, you will need more guns. If it’s the second, you will need better public service.

  6. Trump is getting scary. Some people beat up a black guy and dragged him out of a Trump rally, while the crowd chanted all lives matter. At another Trump rally a Hispanic man was dragged out, while the crowd chanted USA, then cheered when he was out. The Hispanic guy was an American citizen. Then there is the idea of building a wall between Mexico and Texas and saying Mexico will pay for it, deporting what 11 MILLION illegal immigrants.
    How far into fascism does Trump have to get before the media starts calling him out on it?
    Trump is that constipated poop, have to squeeze really hard to get anything out, but when it comes out it hurts.

  7. the rich need to get richer, and the poor need to become slaves. Corporate feudalism doesn’t work otherwise. I hope I end up in the Apple fiefdom, and not somehwere like Walmartius or KFCtinople.

  8. I read more people with mexican heritage are leaving the US than new ones immigrating. They are talking about problems that doesn’t even exist.

  9. Trump is a shill for the dems/nwo, so if elected, 0bama gets another term in absentia. In the end, we get to vote for the candidates of their (nwo) choice.

  10. @Logic:
    What exactly is the problem with deporting 11 million ILLEGAL immigrants? Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do with people who illegally enter your country?

  11. So even when Obama isn’t president anymore, people are still going to blame him for everything? Funny.

  12. Well, here we are in 2022 now. How’s that “voter’s remorse” treating you?

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