Hey, Is That a Muslim Walking This Way?




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  1. Flossy McHookerpants June 26, 2016

    Thought for sure the last box would be the Muslim blowing backpack guy up and himself up.

    • Proof you are racist. You should work on that.

    • Proof you hysterically suspected the author to be racist. You should work on that.

    • Islam is an ideology, not a race. Telling a racist joke doesn’t mean you are a racist. You should work on understanding these things.

    • ObamSalamaLickem July 7, 2016

      Islam is the “religion of peace”. And anyone who disagrees gets blown up.
      Or burned alive.
      Or their head chopped off.
      Or shot by an AR15.
      Or dies in a plane crash.
      But what ever happens, whatEVER happens…. we will not say “islam terrorism”.

    • Umar Hashim Bakura December 1, 2016

      You loggerheaded, half-faced hedge-pig you have absolutely no idea what Islam is, Islam is certainly a religion of peace, but dumb imbeciles like you never understand that, you think that all Muslims are terrorists, forgetting that anybody may pretend being a Muslim by dressing the way we dress and then commit a diabolical act and then blackguards like you will assume that the person is a Muslim and so Muslims are terrorists. Idiot! You know nothing about Islam.

  2. Bubba and Joe Bob June 27, 2016

    Me and Joe Bob must be some of them hipsters ’cause we been dressing like that since we was kids.

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