Can You Multitask?

Can you multitask. Yeah, I can listen, ignore, and forget at the same time.

28 thoughts on “Can You Multitask?”

  1. More bad news for Biden.. Obama was so sure that Hillary Clinton was going to be President that he left hundreds of empty judge seats for her to fill. Trump filled ALL of them. The most of any President in history. Those same judges have now stopped Biden’s vaccine mandates in their tracks. Because it is obviously a violation of the US Constitution, the mandates, restrictions and proof of vaccine requirements are falling like flys. Businesses and companies that try to implement these policies are being sued into bankruptcy. And the estimated 200 million unvaccinated Americans will now remain unvaccinated with no legal way to force them to submit. This is all Trumps fault!

  2. Biden vaccine employer mandate loses in the Senate 52-42. Think we’re done with the Covid BS now. Good luck to the rest of the world 🌎.

  3. Woman in Melbourne Australia sets herself on fire to protest vaccine mandates. The world media is silent. Is the madness real for you yet?

  4. We’ll visit your grave.

  5. Suicides are often not reported to protect other people with depression or mental illness from copying it. That woman obviously had mental problems. Otherwise there is no explanation why someone sets him-/herself on fire to avoid a safe vaccine.
    In Germany a moron killed his 3 children, his wife and himself because he had faked his vaccination certificate and his employer found out. He was afraid he would end up in prison and his children would be taken from him. – Which is absolutely ludicrous. All you get is a fine if you have no criminal record. And the authorities would only take one’s children away if there was a record of abuse or neglect. Which wasn’t the case at all.
    All this fake news from antivaxxers and antimaskers, far-right/conservative idiot politicians craving for attention, esoterics and quacks making easy money with essential oil and deworming meds is making some people stupid, crazy and agressive. Hospitals are considering to hand out pepper spray to their personell because antivaxxers are beginning to attack the staff on a daily basis. Antivaxxers are like rabid dogs by now. If this continues people will die.

  6. Freedom deaths.

  7. The number of unvaccinated is more like 130 million. So still 1 million of them to die before we are back at normal.

  8. Live free or die. Or in this case live free and die.

  9. It’s sad to say, but armed Americans are what is protecting us from what’s happening in Australia, Austria, all over Europe really. Watched the videos of jack booted Germans harassment of an 80 year old woman on the streets. They drag her off while people just stand there or keep walking. Germans have a very short memory apparently. I hate guns, but.. that will never happen here because of them.

  10. There there don’t cry. It’s just politics.

  11. Conspiracy theorists are going to look pretty silly when the pandemic ends and we aren’t all in concentration camps wearing facemasks etc.

  12. They want to die. More space for the vaccinated. Make Earth great again. It worked with America, it will work with the planet. The more antivaxxers die the better for the rest of us.

  13. Antivaxxers are not free. They are caged in their maniac conspiracy theories. While the rest of us lives free and vaccinated.

  14. Non of this even happened. Fake news. Meanwhile armed Americans keep on killing their loved ones and strangers. A working democracy doesn’t need armed citizens. American democracy is failing… thanks to armed Americans storming their Capitol for a wannabe dictator called Donald.

  15. Conspiracy theorists are impervious to facts. When they are proven wrong they just switch to another theory. It’s a mental illness. Or more like an addiction.

  16. So are triple vaxxed people getting the new Covid variant a conspiracy or are double and triple vaxxed people getting it at the same or greater rate? Let’s see if you can be honest. Prolly not…

  17. Getting infected and “getting it” are two different things.
    Can you get it when vaccinated? • Yes.
    Will you die from it or have severe complications? • Most unlikely.
    Might that happen anyway? • Yes, but you would already suffer from other illnesses that end in a weakend immune system or comlications. All vaccines need a healthy immune system to work.
    Why shouldn’t I rely on my immune system alone. • Sure, your immune system, if healthy, will provide excellent protection against viruses. BUT there is a catch. Viruses like Covid-19 can cause overreactions of the immune system. If this happens, your immune system will attacks your own body. Organs will inflamate, damage all over the place. The vaccine provides a save source for the immune system to learn to know the virus. Like a mug shot handed out to policemen. Once the real thing attacks your body, your body’s “police” is prepared. This reduced the risk of overreaction immensly. – These overreactions killed people back in the Spanish flu pandemic at the beginning of the 20th century. Mostly young people died back then. The irony. It was their strong immune systems that killed them once infected. The immune system would attack the lungs and people would slowly suffocate. The patients limbs would become black before the end. Nothing the doctors could do. Older people were mostly spared.
    Does the vaccine reduce the chance of infection? • Yes. If your body already knows the enemy it will get into action the first moment you have been infected. Fighting the intruder off before he can multiply rapidly. And shortening the time you are both infected and infectious.
    Will I be less infectious with the vaccine? • Yes. Same reason as above. The virus won’t have the chance to multiply as in a body with an untrained immune system.
    Why not just get the real thing to train the immune system? • Bad idea. As explained the outcome is uncertain – even death is possible. The vaccine provides a limited amount of virus material. Like a dummy for training. The real virus might overtake your body and… game over.
    Is the vaccine safe? • Safer than most of the other stuff you put in your body each weekend. If you have allergies even food isn’t safe…

  18. Which is better, natural immunity or the vaccine?

  19. Natural immunity, always. But the risk of post-covid or,… well… dying is much higher. Not worth the risk. I wouldn’t risk it.
    Sure, vaccines can have side effects. Mostly allergies to the ingredients. That’s why you should wait after the shot near a doctor. Those effect manifest quite fast and can be treated. Things like inflamations of the heart tissue are very rare. You just have to keep an eye on yourself for a few weeks. Most people don’t even notice and won’t have any aftereffects. It just heals out. But you’ll have this with many meds. Both from nature and pharmacies. Still the risk is much, much lower than what covid can do to you.
    And both natural and vaccine immunity do not provide full “immunity”. The word is misleading. But it will protect you from severe illness. As corona viruses mutate quite often, a reinfection can’t be ruled out completly. Think of the common cold. Those little buggers will try it again and again. But, that life on Earth for you. Influenza viruses mutate on a much higher rate than corona viruses. That’s why there is a flu vaccine every new season. A constant fight. With the new mRNA vaccines we might even get ahead of them.
    We managed to eleminate small pocks with the classic vaccines. What an accomplishment for science. And we are close to elemintate polio. Only one strain still exists. All others are gone.
    The more people get the vaccines the closer we come to get rid of those plaques. Would you surf the net without a virusscanner?

  20. Okay thanks. I think your wrong on many thing’s that you could easily research but appreciate the effort.

  21. No, I couldn’t. Neither do I have a lab nor a testing group. But all that work has already be done. Not on facebook though. Clicking on facebook and Breitbart ist not “research”.

  22. Stop pretending you are interested in facts. You are not, because they disagree with your conspiracy theories.

  23. Most of the conspiracy theories ave come true. Their far more accurate then the main stream media for sure.

  24. Can you give some examples of conspiracy theories that ave come true?

  25. Trump tried a coup. That came true.

  26. Sure. Covid 19 was man made and came from a lab in China. The vaccine is not a vaccine but gene therapy. The vaccines cause heart problems, blood clots and strokes especially in the young. The Great Reset and the Great replacement are both true and happening now. The World population will be cut by more then half between now and 2025 because of the fake vaccines. You will never be fully vaccinated. All these WERE conspiracy theory’s.

  27. And they still ARE. Go home. Take some horse dewormer. There are obviously worms nesting in your brain.

  28. We have set our best agent on the case, 007.
    Seriously, you should discuss your fantasies and delusions with a shrink. There are treatments for your paranoia.

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