The Complete Guide of Mormon Missionary Positions


Photographer Neil Dacosta has satirized the Mormons’ politicized stance on same-sex relations by coming up with this handy guide of Mormon missionary positions.


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  1. A Really Old Guy January 18, 2018

    Been my experience that taking clothes first adds to the over all pleasure. But then, I ain’t catholic (not missed spelled). I’m pretty narrowly focused…

  2. static shock January 18, 2018

    I prefer Kim Jong un style wall banging standing x2 speed

  3. Chris Froomes Apparently Only Healthy Kidney January 18, 2018

    Atleast they are praticing safe sex and wears a helmet.

  4. I thought this was bullshit… until, finally, there was a bicycle in the last photo….

  5. For once i approve eat liver’s censorship of comments don’t need links those crazy shock sites

  6. E.A. Presley January 19, 2018

    … nothing suss!

  7. Jo Jo Smiff January 19, 2018

    Where’s the polygamy part and all the chirrens?

  8. Where’s my copy of the Watchtower?

  9. EatLiver is gay.

  10. Mohammad was a Pedo January 23, 2018

    Where’s the Muslim humor? Oh, wait, Mormons won’t blow up your office if you make fun of them. Way to stretch out for the low-hanging fruit, you dhimmi chicken.

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