Moon Landing Hoax Conspiracy Logic


They used CGI to fake the Moon landing! Well... Have you seen CGI of the past? The Tomb Rider games from 1996, for example?


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  1. There is no vaccine against stupidity. That’s why it’s spreading. Especialy around morons.

    • Thalidomide Jane February 5, 2023

      I do recall that laparotomy was an accepted and common “cure” for many ailments oh so 5 minutes ago.

    • @Talidomide…
      Hate to be that guy but it’s Lobotomy.

    • And it was never widely accepted. Most doctors rejected the dangerous procedure for good reason. It was the American physician Walter Freeman who would still mutilate patients with this method after the rest of the medical world had already moved on to chemical treatment by psychiatric medication. He wasn’t a trained surgeon and many patients suffered severe side effects. Once again America allowed a charlatan and his cult to roam free and hurt people. A paradise for conmen, psychopaths and religous pied pipers.

    • I’ve got news for you, hoss, conmen, psychopaths and religous pied pipers are worldwide and not just in America.

    • But the US are a hotspot.

  2. Flabitty Flab McFlab Face. February 5, 2023

    Women sure were buff in 1996.

  3. Except the moon landing was in 1969.
    I could see how people might think that was fake, „2001 space odyssey“ premiered just a year prior and was done quite accurately.

    • Yes, because Kubrik asked NASA how they would do it.

    • Buzz Lightminute February 5, 2023

      One explanation from the landing hoax believers is that there are no stars in the background of the moon pictures. You can’t get through to them that the light had to be filtered because of the extreme glare of a picture in an airless environment. The same kind of people believe 9/11 and Covid conspiracy theories too but UFO abductions including the no lube probes are real.

    • Indeed. How to explain someone how photography works when that someone doesn’t want to know how it works because it would crumble his conspiracy fantasies.

    • That was film, not CGI.

      But the people who believe the conspiracy probably don’t understand the difference.

  4. Sleepy Joe is made by CGI and doesn’t eciat.

  5. The best way to respond when someone says, “The moon landing was faked” is to say, “Oh… So you’re one of those people who believe in the moon.”
    They don’t know how to handle it.

  6. Wow Lara Croft must have been cold in that pic. She’s really pointing and could put an eye out with those things.

  7. Reality is what the television says it is. It doesn’t matter if it makes sense. TV says it so it must be true.

    • Only for stupid people. You are not smart. You just exchanged the TV for Facebook.

  8. That’s nice. Let’s compare IQ sometime.

  9. I think the op is confusing runtime and offline renderization

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