24 thoughts on “Trump vs. Monsters”

  1. Meh

  2. Democracy > moaning

  3. Just a normal narcissist.

  4. Tell us the one about Hillary spending 1.2 billion to lose again grandpa. I really like that one.

  5. Not much normal about this. Not even Putin officially calls the free press “enemy of the people”.
    Bill Maher put it just right: “He’s not Hitler – he’s a mental patient who believes he’s Hitler.” Just good to know that his nuclear code case is most likely a mockup and the US security agencies are already busy working on grounds for impeachment. Don’t forget: THEY know the shit the public doesn’t know. Can you imagine?

  6. HA, HA……
    Nothing but a bunch of loser snowflakes on this site!
    Get some more hot chocolate and curl up to a teddy bear! Your next 4 years are going to be the worst reality you have faced in your lifetime, because America is going to shine!!
    Oh, and you can bet on the next 4 years after that too!! That’s 8 years total for you idiots that don’t know how to think for yourselves.

  7. I really like that I don’t live in a country that has enough morons to elect an inept malignant narcissist with control issues who lied poorly and obviously to their mouth-breathing faces and really does not give a rat’s ass about their employment options.
    My sympathies to the reasonable and intelligent citizens of the US, and a sincere wish that all the harm Trump causes only effects those half-wits who voted for him.

  8. *affects* – whoops! Could totally make use of an edit function.

  9. And thank God for people moaning because without them moaning over and over again we would not be where we are. So hurrah for the moaning Founding Fathers, moaing Ghandi, moaning Martin Luther King, moaning Nelson Mandela, moaning Amnesty international, Moaning Red Cross…

  10. So what’s making you so tough, little princess? Oh yes, shouting insults on the internet makes you a big big boy!

  11. “elect an inept malignant narcissist with control issues who lied poorly and obviously to their mouth-breathing faces and really does not give a rat’s ass about their employment options.”
    That was going to happen either way the election turned out.

  12. “…an inept malignant narcissist with control issues who lied poorly and obviously to their mouth-breathing faces and really does not give a rat’s ass about their employment options.”
    And he’s orange, too!

  13. I suppose if one’s media sources are Breitbart, Fox and Alex Jones, that is how one would perceive things. However, rational people know enough to eschew such perfidious information.

  14. Oh look. More anti Trump sentiment. Har har.

  15. lol, I love how some people immediately rant about news networks showing any view they do not approve. I don’t watch or read any of those nor CNN or MSNBC and it still is very obvious Hillary is thoroughly untrustworthy and as narcissistic as Trump.

  16. So tell me, Just Me, from where do you get your news?

  17. Various non-blog sources online. AP, Reuters, AFP, BBC news, etc. But no Fox, CNN or MSNBC. Too much bias from all 3. And a healthy bit of skepticism of some stories from ABC, NBC and CBS.

  18. It is astonishing how two people can glean their information from essentially the same sources (or calibre of sources) and come up with vastly different interpretations. I honestly would have thought that anyone who feels that Clinton would be equally as atrocious as Trump would be an avid peruser of alt-right bloggery. Is Clinton the absolute best and brightest? No, but she is certainly not as vindictive, reactionary, and dim-witted as Trump, and the majority of anti-Clinton media is just so much bullshit. She is not the lesser of two evils, she is not evil at all. She’s a politician, doing what politicians since time immemorial have been doing – no more, no less. Nothing to praise, nothing to revile. Trump is a vicious, barely-literate half-wit who suckered in a base of like-minded vicious, barely-literate half-wits, and I truly hope that they, and only they, are the ones who suffer at his tiny hands.

  19. The Clinton’s entire lives have been based on half-truths, outright lies and plausible deniability concerning ethics and corrupt behavior. As for vindictiveness and reactionary ask her drivers, Arkansas gov security, Secret Service details, WH staff, etc. I’d put her right on par with Trump as far as narcissistic, power hungry and probably in abusive behavior. They’ve been careful to not give enough to get them into real criminal legal proceedings trouble.
    And it’s funny how often she can’t recall things from 2 years ago when asked to testify but can recall details of landing in Bosnia in 1996. Well…sort of remember. lol, this just keeps getting funnier.

  20. Trump is a ****wit… so are those who like him….

  21. We won you lost.
    Embrace the suck.
    ha ha

  22. I don’t know… that cop just isn’t white enough.

  23. What you think is your brain is actually the index finger of the person using you as a sock puppet. You’re not even deplorable, you’re organic waste, and not even recycable.

  24. You rightist doofus don’t even know what winning an election is. Let me help you: the winner is the person who gets more votes. This orange mongrel became president because the republicans been rigging the game for decades, to turn less personal votes into more votes in the electoral college. Thats because rightist cannot win an election or a discussion without deception. Never did, never will.

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