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  1. Margret Sanger Tapper January 25, 2018

    I often wonder which is the most disreputable job; Abortionist or journalist?

    So as to spare as many people as possible entering either profession, perhaps the current ones could be cross trained in each others?

  2. If he won’t say it, I will.

  3. She is from CNN

  4. Wibbleface Chozzlewit January 25, 2018

    Kill vegans, turn them into food for the rest of us

  5. Didn’t she have something to say about lesbians just a week ago

  6. This is how right-winged media works. – Then blaiming the real journalists. A right-winged agent provocateur can lure everywhere.

    • Frienship Hieghts Robert January 26, 2018

      Jake Tapper is not funny, Baghdad Bob was at least funny. If Mr. Tapper could be funny he could be a “good journalist” like Bob.

    • I don’t know too many vegan right wingers…….

  7. Richard Rejmer January 28, 2018

    Yes. . That’s exactly what he means and so do I

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