This is Called Fashion Nowadays



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  1. teh **** is dat?

  2. E.A. Presley May 22, 2014

    Fashion is danger, as The Flight of the Conchords sang.

  3. I’m looking at the faces in the audience. Just like me at this moment, they are full of respect and profound understanding of the topic.

  4. I can design better shit than that. And I didn’t even go to a design school!

    • Anybody can design better shit that this. But can you design worst shit than this? I think that’s the true challenge here.

  5. Tastentier May 22, 2014

    The same thing happened to art.

  6. Who would were that out any were i mean like this girl who have it on now i bet that’s the last time she had it on.

  7. You have to understand that this fashion is a continuation of the themes portrayed in post-modernistic art, such that they draw the mind in to contemplate the deeper meaning portrayed in the expression of the modern art they exemplify. By continuing to iterate on and improve previous works, they seek to push the boundaries of the cultural norms associated with everyday fashion, such that we can seek to further our cultural identities with a broader and more tolerant view of what fashion means, as well as how to express ourselves through design and see it in a more philosophical perspective.

    • Iron Hippo May 22, 2014

      In the words of Moe Szyslak:
      -Weird for the sake of weird.

    • Boundaries are bad in many instances, but sometimes they are really good, especially when behind them dwells lady stupidity (yes, she is a lady, a classy one). This is why we laugh. Humor is also a philosophical category.

    • Mr. Douche May 22, 2014

      Shut up!

    • …or not.

    • Androgynous HeShe May 24, 2014

      Gender bender art, not futuristic, contemporary.

    • Anonymous July 14, 2014

      Are you serious?!?

  8. We can all agree and call this a shuttle’s left solid rocket booster. But that does’t mean it really IS shuttle’s left solid rocket booster. If ya know wadda mean…

  9. Dick Richie May 22, 2014

    It’s like lady Gaga threw up and had a fashion show.

  10. think positive May 22, 2014

    look on the bright side – nobody would actually buy this crap so how long can they be in business :P

  11. Totally stoked for the Power Rangers reboot!

  12. Fashion is just using clothes as a platform for artistic expression. To think it should look like regular clothes is the same as thinking sculptures should look like bricks and music should sound like speech.

    • The funny thing about it is that those who attend these events are just classy idiots.

    • let us simply conclude that the fashion artist here is similar to a retarded dude with crayon drawings, who is akin to put his pictures next to Da Vinci’s

  13. Those OnToes/Highheels are neat. (about picture 9)
    Somebody find a video with someone walking in those.

  14. last pic – I can see that being a normal wear in future.
    I imagine something like that woulod fit in a future, that’s similar to “5th Element” ‘s.
    Let us imagine some institute discovers major correlation between shoulder wideness and social status. Every businessman starts wearing huge shoulder pads. etc.

  15. But nobody would be wearing the same thing as you…

  16. Dishwasher May 23, 2014

    I always feel like your sweater’s watching me… and I have no privacy!!!

  17. Look up People of Walmart and you will understand where the idea came from for these outfits.

  18. -No comment-
    Scared for life

  19. PlainJane June 10, 2014

    And all of these Haute Couture designers are watching us pretend we understand how deep and meaningful these ‘creations’ are, while in fact they are ‘designing’ the most atrocious things they can think of and laughing their backsides off as we sit by and ohhhh and ahhhh over things the designers themselves wouldn’t be caught dead in.
    I’ll stick with Wal Mart jeans and tee shirts thank you.

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