“Do You Support The Missile Attack on Syria?”

17 thoughts on ““Do You Support The Missile Attack on Syria?””

  1. Smart thinking.

    The USA can also be really thankful that Irak didn’t bomb them for poisoning parts of their country with depleted uranium.

  2. But Flint & Standing Rock were all about gaining profit for 1%ers. So it’s all good.

  3. Stupid comment. Syria government poisoned ppl, so USA bombed a military facility used to poison ppl. USA did not bomb Syrians. If you don’t understand that, you’re just a brainless libtard.
    Just libtards would be in favor of Syrian government just to say: “I’m against whatever USA does”

  4. They can be thankfull most countries can’t bomb them at all. It’s basicly a too far away island.
    As cruel as it sounds but americans don’t know the suffering of war. 9/11 was a joke in contrast to all-out war. Their last war on homeland was in the 1860s. Many people there monger for war not knowing what it means losing home, loved ones, a world. They think war is a video game.
    Crippled veterans are not treated well as they interfere with the illusion of a super power with super soldiers fighting super wars. The catastrophic education does the rest.

  5. 1. “Syrian government”, not “Syria government”. OK? Good.
    2. “People “, not “ppl”. OK? Good.
    3. Syrian government didn’t poisoned anybody. OK? Good.
    Now kindly, STFU.

  6. They bombed an empty airfield. US informed Russia about the bombing, Russia warned Assad.

  7. @American In Vienna
    1: thanks for correcting my typo (I don’t know what to say, so I’ll correct a typo)
    2: yeah, right (I don’t know what to say, so I’ll correct an abbreviation)
    3: if you call (a) not being poisoned, then OK
    4: Libtard detected!!!
    (a) http://cnn.it/2nCSg6Y

  8. @zumanga are you protesting because they bombed Syrians or because they didn’t bomb Syrians?

  9. @American In Vienna, forgot that:
    3. Syrian government didn’t –>>poison<<– anybody. OK? Good.

  10. True that, zumanga. Add to this that now they can kill and destroy from afar using their drones, making it even more like a video game and reducing/eliminating the risk of crippled veterans.
    This behaviour is that of a standard bully, who would never ever touch anyone who has got the ability/strength to give them some of their own medicine.

  11. So far there is no watertight proof that Assad’s regime did this. Remember when the alleged good in this world last claimed that Assad did something like that? It’s only a few years ago. It was found out the, in fact, it wasn’t him. To bomb an area simply based on the wishful thinking that someone did something is not worthy of a nation of law.

  12. Protesting because they didn’t bomb planes or vital infrastructure. I’m not so into killing people.

  13. @Prince Leo
    too many errors to be worthy of comment.

  14. Excellent point!! These libtards don’t really get it on here!!

  15. Just more butt-hurt Europeans…

  16. Since the attack failed to kill any pilots or mechanics, understand blowing up concrete was a futile $60,000,000 temper tantrum. The airfield was usable within 24 hours

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