American Health Care System

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  1. That’s great! Compliments!

  2. Because everything you see in popular TV series is true!

  3. You mean it WASN’T a documentary?!

  4. Fortunately, he’s cured by the end of the series and lives a long, healthy life.

  5. Na, the documentary was Michael Moore telling us how great healthcare was in Cuba. I don’t think that one was true either.

  6. We want free stuff for everybody paid by somebody else!!!!!

  7. You do know that the number of people who don’t utilize the healthcare system is so insignificant as to not be worth mentioning? So, everyone would pay into a system that they are more than likely to use at some point in their life. Why do RWNJs choose to remain so wilfully ignorant? Freedom from government interference? Why do you so strongly prefer insurance company interference?

  8. They want the freedom not to be insured and to end up in the gutter.
    And they want to spend money for others they consider unworthy. You have to realize that the US population is extremly egocentric, selfcentered and prejudicial due to their ancestry.

  9. + don’t (want to)

  10. “You do know that the number of people who don’t utilize the healthcare system is so insignificant as to not be worth mentioning?”

    And to address Hein’s original post how about the amount of US healthcare dollars spent on people without insurance or here illegally is how much? And who picks up the tab for them? Will that proof be forthcoming?

  11. Wasn’t that a MOVIE???

  12. FFS, did you actually watch the show?

    He had health insurance. He was a teacher.

    He did the meth cooking to leave a lot of money behind for his family after he died. Was some kind of free healthcare going to make his family rich because of his cancer?

    This stupid, stupid meme comes up every few months, posted by another ignorant **** trying to seem smart and woke.

  13. Thank you for all of your concern with my health care. I really appreciate it. Now go save your single payer’s one from bankruptcy and come back later.

    Yours, Fellow Libertarian.

  14. @Proof, that easy to address: build a wall and deport illegals.

  15. Depends on the substances you took while watching.

  16. They pay for cops and fire services, why not health services?

    American logic: I’ll pay for your potential safety from criminals, and from fire but by god I won’t pay for your healthcare if you get hurt by that fire or criminal.

  17. Who’s “They”? And why stop in health care? The person being hurt by criminals need to eat and dress, so “they” should pay for food and cloth too. Shelter is important too, so “they” should give free house for everybody. How come a hurt person will take bus? Free car for everybody paid by “them”.
    Europeans are so butt-hurt USA doesn’t want this crap socialist single payer’s health care and come with these memes while waiting 6 months for an xray.

  18. Thank you Hein. I’ve learnt something. Never realised the US stance was folk can starve or ho naked if they can’t afford food and clothes.

    Glad I live in a nation where we try to help each other out where necessary.

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