Merkel Wishes Everyone Merry Christmas and Happy 2017



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  1. The Good German December 21, 2016

    Seriously? By the way, you can be to be liable to prosecution for that in Germany. Defamation and calumny are considered serious crimes.
    Oh, and Germans don’t react as hysterical like americans for example when threatened by terrorism. Or forebearers went into battle naked and defeated the roman armies. These aren’t the United States of Angst.
    We don’t need neo-nazi criminals to safe us! They are not better than the terrorists.

    • via hysterical reaction

    • Wow, threatening with jail for political satire… you sure are not being hysterical right now.

    • RIP speech freedom

    • I thought only Scots did that?
      but, I guess back in ancient times, the Germans were called the Vandals and the Scots were called the Pict and men were called men.

    • That’s the state of Germany today. Cucks who want to prosecute anyone who defends his family and nation. Either we kill millions or we import millions who kill us, Germans can’t find a normal way it seems

    • The evil dane December 22, 2016

      @the good german: Ok, your stockholmsyndrome proves you’re multicultural. Now please shut up and wipe the blood of your victims of the streets, while telling their families their a bunch of neo-nazis so angela merkel can shower in their tears later. That’s how you can tell a good left-wing multiculturalist from other people, your morals are just so much better than everybody else.

    • The Good German December 22, 2016

      There is a difference between political satire and defamation. Freedom of speech in an US way is retarded. You just insult someone, claim it’s satire afterwards and won’t take responsibilities. This may work in the US where the justice system is more showbusiness than justice system. The party entertaining the jury the best wins the case. Well, it works another way in 1st world countries.
      You are free to say everything you want in Germany. Modern Europe is far more tolerant and free than the US. Except you insult someone or commit an act of sedition.

    • Law and Chaos December 22, 2016

      @The Good German: I’m with you on the not needing Neo-Nazis.
      But this picture is definitely satire. Political cartoons, caricatures and cabaret have a long tradition in Germany. I’ve seen worse in the daily paper. Ever seen carnival wagons? There you regularly have politicians in bigger-than-life size depicted in very insulting ways – no one bats an eye at this.
      You may remember the hubbub with Böhmermann’s satire poem and Erdogan – everyone was surprised that there was that old law that Erdogan tried to use (Majesty’s offense or something such; §103StGB). It was actually announced that they want to repeal that law as fast as possible (by 2018, if I remember correctly). It’s still active, but its days are numbered…
      So yes, you can say things and produce pictures like this in Germany and won’t be prosecuted for it (in parts you’ll probably even be celebrated for it). There actually is a separate law that deals with insults against the president (§90 StGB – and only if the president activates it, not automatically) – but Merkel is chancellor and therefore not protected by it.
      Now, Hitler comparisons are a whole other thing…

    • @GoodGerman: I agree 100%.

    • The Good German December 23, 2016

      @Law and Chaos
      The Böhmermann case is different. He presented that poem as an example how defamation via poem would work. He explicitly informed the audience before he started that it would be a demonstration. For the law this makes a difference. So §103StGB didn’t apply.
      Yet it’s good §103StGB will be erased. It’s outdated. And every state leader is and has been always free to sue an opponent of satire kind to start a civil law suit.

    • YEAH, seriously.
      Go to H*LL you Useful Idiot.
      At least WE have a desire for SURVIVAL.
      You’ll be a VERY good DHIMMI.
      Bend over.

  2. The good german is correct. Sadly people from the US have no clue what’s going on in the world. There loss.

  3. I’m really surprised at the lack of “Did I do that?” Angela Merkel/Steve Urkel parody.

  4. It’s easy to joke on tragedies when you live on the other side of the planet and just don’t bother about what’s going on outside of your borders (except when it comes to “exporting democracy” and exploiting natural resources).

    • The Good German December 22, 2016

      You have to consider that many US-americans think the US are god’s chosen country. It’s their holy mission to bring other countries their way of life and exploit them. And they have every right to do so, because “GOD”! So, these people are in spirit not so different from the IS.

    • @The Good German
      Europe gave us 2 world wars. Germany gave us two world wars. France gave Europe a continental war. Roman Italy, and Alexandrian Greece claimed to rule the world in their times.
      Europe holiness :laugh:

  5. No caliphate December 22, 2016

    Eurostan has committed suicide by inviting the enemy into their home

    • @No caliphate:
      Yes, we opened our homes to strangers in need. To people from lands torn by war. A really small percent of those people are evil. Bu we will not stop helping others because of few psychopaths.
      BTW: we are paying for other people’s wars. I hope you understand this.

  6. Just imagine what would have happened, had some German posted some joke like this a few days after 9/11. Some US-Americans seem to be very good at dishing it out, but on the other hand cannot take something on their chin.

  7. I am an American, and I find this brand of “humor” offensive. It’s in bad taste, just like the posts about the assassination of the Russian ambassador. The world has problems; n oone arguing about it here is going to fix them. All I expect from a site like this is humor. Cats = humor. Unintentional porn in logos = humor. Assassinations, not so much.

  8. Bigot: a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group with hatred and intolerance. Amazingly enough, even if the target of that bahavior are Americans.

  9. could not have been prevented by denying innocent people who flee from war and poverty access to a better life. Thousands of them have died on their way to Europe and they took the risk, because of the horror and misery they escaped from.
    Islamist ideoligy, on the other hand, is on the rise, a global problem and terrorists will always find a way. The one thing has nothing to do with the other.
    Eatliver, you have a very skewed world view! Stop spreading hate and stupidity!

    • History repeats itself December 23, 2016

      Why are these so called “refugees” 85% young men of military age? A few women and children. No middle aged or old people. These “refugees” will not assimilate into your culture, will not learn your language, have no job skills and will not work. They will rape your women and commit acts of terror such as driving trucks into crowds of innocent people. They will make demands to accommodate their own culture while they destroy your culture.

    • I was wondering if I a stupid comment like this is worth a reply, “history repeats itsself”.The reason, why many of the refugees are young men, is that the route is very dangerous. Many female refugees get raped, many humans drowned in the water or shot at borders. Some families hope their sons can get asylum and the families can come after.
      The vast (!) majority of them is working hard to assimilate in our culture and I can tell you that from experience. Some even have a good education already when they arrive, others try very hard to learn the language, finde a job and lead a life worth living.
      The terrorists were men who had already been part of islamistic terror organisations, independently of the refugees crisis and they would have found a way no matter how many refugees had gotten asylum.

  10. I’m German and this is spot on. This woman is working actively against the oath she has sworn and puts her stupid ideology over the well-being of her own country. Immigration is a privilege of the highly qualified and even then it always has to be aligned with the actual economic and social needs of the country. Immigration is NOT a human right.

    • The Good German December 23, 2016

      Immigration is no human right, right. But asylum is.

    • Note how the Good Dhimmi claims ASYLUM is a “RIGHT.”
      NO, it is NOT.
      But brain-dead Leftists would be *so happy* if you bought their BS that it is.

  11. History repeats itself December 23, 2016

    @ Mr Good German, it is not asylum, it is an invasion. You should read about a Frenchman by the name of Charles Martel.

  12. @The Good German
    Fleeing from military service or from bad economic circumstances are not reasons for asylum.
    Also German Basic Law clearly states that you can only file for asylum if you haven’t reached Germany by crossing other save states. This alone would limit the refugee numbers from more than one million to next to nothing IF the government still followed our laws. Instead it claims to “integrate” these people which is in line with what they are doing for the last 20 years: Misusing Asylum (which is a temporary protection from prosecution) as a backdoor for third world immigration.
    And if we really felt such a strong moral imperative to save the real victims of war we would do our share of ending this war in Syria by military means. Which would also make sense because we as Europeans have a VERY big interest in the demise of the Islamic State since this is the most dangerous political idea of our century. But instead we rather push our own country and Europe into chaos and destroy the political stability we have enjoyed here for the most part of the last 70 years. At the same time we celebrate ourselves as good Samaritans and perceive ourselves as the best and most moral people in the world in our delusional minds.
    The military protection America has granted us since WWII had the effect of disconnecting us from reality. The world is a dangerous place and if you manage to create safety and prosperity in your country and your part of the world against all odds this is so incredibly precious that it is your duty to preserve it for your children and for their children.
    I deeply hope President Trump will cut military support for Europe in very dramatic ways and force us out of our dream world so we have to face reality again.

  13. Oh, you mean “save states”, such has hungary, where they tread and spit at refugees, literally and figuatively? Or countries which are poor already, whereas Germany even needs manpower?
    As long as the Eu or other organisations don’t manage to end war, but sell weapons to these countries instead, they have a moral right to give them shelter, when they are so desperate to leave their beloved country, even though they know they can die on the way.
    And even if the reason for that is economic misery, no German person would really have a disadvantage that is comparable to living a live in misery. You probably don’t know this, because you might be rich. And poverty in Germany is not comparable to poverty in these countries.

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