She’s Too Young For Him Tho



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  1. The Good German May 27, 2017

    Reforms aren’t always bad. It depeneds on what they bring and what you get.

    • This joke is not about reforms, genius.

    • The Good German May 27, 2017

      I know. But I don’t see the difference of his marriage to a marriage where the wife is 24 yrs younger than the old fart husband – like, oh, the Trumps.
      In case of Macron it seems to be real affection. Melania Trump is just a trophy to show around. And she seems to have lost his interest. Donald already mentioned he would prefer his daughter over her.

    • Kauf Buch May 27, 2017

      “…real affection”. Riiiiiiiiiiiiight gute alte Kamerad (heil!).
      The French DO seem to respond to “GET THE BUTTER.”

    • Yes, affection. Something you never got from your mother and will never get from a woman or a pet.

  2. Kauf Buch May 27, 2017

    This MacaMoron is SO beta,
    he makes betas like dat, cafcaf & Co.
    seem like alphas (I wonder if they even know what that means…).

    • Says the guy who is in a constant relationship with his palm.

    • Betas are far superior to alphas. Alphas have an excess of testosterone and a lack of empathy. They are known technically as psychopaths, colloquially as douchebags.

    • And it’s a scientific fact that you don’t need much intelligence to become a “leader”. Look it up, it’s true. It’s an actual study.

    • Rattus and Dat nailed it.

  3. The Germans call her “Mother”

    • No, she’s called “Mutti” by the Germans. That’s more like “Mommy” and is colloquial for the east of Germany. In the west they would more likely say “Mama”. (Cool language, you should learn it.) Because she looks like a mother hen and has to take care of Germany’s fate. And obviously she’s better in that than the rooster Trump in the US. Germany’s economy is thriving while US economy is spiraling downwards faster than before.

  4. RegressiveLeftist May 29, 2017

    Muslim countries are references on how to treat well women and local minorities.

    • It’s great how you rightists hate on Islam and defend women against muslims at the very same time your Demi-God is having a ball in the most backward muslim monarchy where women must wear a Burqua and are not allowed to drive, bragging what a great receipt he got there and how he sold them weapons for a triple digit billion dollars. Life without a working cerebrum seems to be a lot of fun!

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